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Predictions for storage in 2020

Predictions for storage in 2020 | David Feller, Spectra Logic

2020 will see some big changes in the data center. IP networking will finally be taking over from Fibre Channel, encryption is on the rise, and storage will be increasingly organized in two tiers, instead of the previous four layers. – Read More Read More

What to expect in Q4

AI, contact centres and security are among the areas where the channel might gain in this quarter, according to industry figures. Read More

Spectra Logic: Novel Storage Solutions for HPC Environments

Publisher: https://hpc.apacciooutlook.com

In today’s highly competitive and complex business realms, high performance computing (HPC) is gaining momentum considering enterprises’ ever-evolving desire for sound ramp-up and performance delivery. Simultaneously, all industry verticals are experiencing a pronounced increase in the quantity of data along with its growing significance in their bottom-line operations. The need for advanced storage solutions to aid HPC has become more imperative than ever, and addressing this is Colorado-based Spectra Logic. Read More

Spectra Logic Publishes Its “Digital Data Storage Outlook 2019” Report

Publisher: http://usatoday.com

Spectra Logic today announced the publication of “Digital Data Storage Outlook 2019,” the company’s fourth annual report on the data storage industry. The report examines the future of data management, usage and storage, and details the current state of the industry and the opportunities that organizations have to preserve their digital assets indefinitely. Read More

Spectra announces new data mover for BlackPearl solution and certifies more BlackPearl clients

Publisher: http://primeurmagazine.com

Spectra Logic has enhanced its popular BlackPearl Converged Storage Platform with the addition of Spectra RioBroker version 1.01. Spectra RioBroker acts as a data mover to speed file transfers, streamline workflows and scale out BlackPearl in both performance and capacity to accommodate growing amounts of digital assets. Read More

Trends in data storage

Publisher: https://www.professionalsecurity.co.uk

The video surveillance industry continues to see a steady increase in the amount of video content being generated and stored, writes Eric Polet, Product Marketing Manager at the data storage product company Spectra Logic. Read More

Spectra Logic’s Commitment to Excellence Remains Strong

Spectra Logic has earned its position in the industry as one of the leading data storage solutions providers based on its unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and uncompromising product quality throughout its go-year history. “Our mission is to take excellent care of our customers, large and small,”CE0 Nathan Thompson says. “We believe that superior customer support combined with technology innovation gives Spectra its competitive advantage.” Read More