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S02E03 – Hybrid Cloud Storage Choices – Rent or Buy?

On the face of it, public cloud seems like a great place for long-term retention of unstructured data. However, as volumes of data stored rise, the cost of exiting the cloud cloud become prohibitively expensive. What’s the right strategy to follow? In this discussion, Chris chats to Matt Starr from Spectralogic on how to build out a model of public/private cloud storage and the pitfalls to avoid in the process. – Read More

The New Normal for Production and Data Storage Management

The massive global effort to curb COVID-19 has brought an unprecedented change in the way the media and entertainment industry operates. Due to quarantines and social distancing mandates, most productions have come to a halt and broadcast networks are adjusting to accommodate disruptions in the content supply chain. Furthermore, with the majority of the population sequestered in their homes… – Read More

A Bit About Archiving

And now for a bit about archiving. We have some news from reports from the Active Archive Alliance and Spectra Logic, which makes storage systems for archiving content, including some of the largest magnetic tape libraries. The LTO Program recently released its shipment report and we will show LTO tape capacity shipment history through 2019.- Read More

Predictions for storage in 2020

Predictions for storage in 2020 | David Feller, Spectra Logic

2020 will see some big changes in the data center. IP networking will finally be taking over from Fibre Channel, encryption is on the rise, and storage will be increasingly organized in two tiers, instead of the previous four layers. – Read More

What to expect in Q4

AI, contact centres and security are among the areas where the channel might gain in this quarter, according to industry figures.

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