Spectra Media Coverage

Trends in data storage

Publisher: https://www.professionalsecurity.co.uk

The video surveillance industry continues to see a steady increase in the amount of video content being generated and stored, writes Eric Polet, Product Marketing Manager at the data storage product company Spectra Logic.

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Spectra Logic’s Commitment to Excellence Remains Strong

Spectra Logic has earned its position in the industry as one of the leading data storage solutions providers based on its unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and uncompromising product quality throughout its go-year history. “Our mission is to take excellent care of our customers, large and small,”CE0 Nathan Thompson says. “We believe that superior customer support combined with technology innovation gives Spectra its competitive advantage.”

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DMW Awards 2018 Announces Winners

The winners of the 2018 DMW Awards are listed below within the six main categories plus subcategories. The DMW Awards received a very large number of entries, requiring hard work from the judging panel who have come away with a greater understanding of the demands, expertise and goals that are currently at work in the broadcast production and post production industries. Many thanks to all entrants and congratulations to the winners.

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British Film Institute Preserves UK Film History With a Spectra Logic Data Solution for Digital Archiving and Long-Term Storage

Publisher: Storage Magazine
Several tape-based market options were in consideration for this new digital preservation infrastructure. The preferred solution was a Spectra Logic architecture with two expanded Spectra T950 Tape Libraries and two Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage System appliances.

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The Spectra TFinity ExaScale Tape Library is big. Really big!

Publisher: Redshark
If you want really vast storage, and we really do mean vast, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale could be just the ticket. You’ll need an equally big room to fit it in though!

The word “exascale” is one of those terms made up by marketing people to imply something grand and ambitious without actually saying anything very specific. Often, they’re overblowing terms for fairly everyday things. In the case of Spectra Logic’s Tfinity, it would take a hard heart to complain about overblown sales copy, though, because it’s big. Very big. Read More

University of Michigan Brooks Lab Deploys Spectra

Spectra Logic announced today that the Brooks Lab at the University of Michigan has deployed a Spectra T680 Tape Library and Spectra Verde Disk Solution to archive research data. Brooks Lab, a theoretical chemistry lab at one of the top public research institutions in the United States, has relied solely on Spectra’s enterprise tape and disk solutions to record and archive their research data for more than seven years.Publsher:HPCwire

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