Spectra Media Coverage

Ransomware Victim Tells HIs Story

In May of 2020, Tony Mendoza of Spectra Logic found out his company had been attacked by ransomware. Hear his harrowing tale of how long it took just to get the data center ready for a restore, and then the various tools they used to bring things back online. He did not want to pay that ransom! Spectra Logic is actually a tape vendor, so Tony has a unique viewpoint. We thank him so much for being so candid about his experience. You will learn a lot. – Read More Read More

Spectra Logic and OpenDrives Optimise Data Storage Lifecycle Management

Spectra Logic, specialists in data storage and management, and OpenDrives, a developer of scalable, enterprise grade NAS systems, have developed data storage and storage lifecycle management software to improve data storage workflows and increase agility. The combined system integrates OpenDrives’ high-performance, low-latency primary storage with Spectra Logic’s StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management software. – Read More Read More

Spectra Logic’s New Partner Program Reflects Vendor’s New Direction

Spectra Logic says the recent revamp of its partner program reflects a deliberate move away from being “a tape company.” The data management organization’s VP of corporate marketing, Betsy Doughty, said Spectra Logic’s evolution drove the changes. “There’s been a change in how partners and customers approach the market,” she said. “It used to be a conversation about the number of drives, slots and terabytes. This has shifted to discussions about how data storage solutions can help solve problems that impact the entire ecosystem. – Read More Read More

Durham University’s DiRAC Memory Intensive Service aims to preserve ever-growing quantities of complex cosmological simulation data

Durham University is home to the DiRAC Memory Intensive Service, based in Durham’s Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC). DiRAC (Distributed Research Utilising Advanced Computing) is the integrated supercomputing facility for theoretical modelling and HPC-based research in particle physics, astronomy and cosmology and nuclear physics. – Read More Read More

Spectra Logic 2021 Predictions: Trends in Data Storage

The year 2021 will see storage vendors shift discussions to include how to integrate cloud workflows and take the long-term view of data storage while optimizing budgets. New data storage lifecycle management capabilities will help organizations take further steps toward deriving value from their data, optimizing data placement for cost savings and leveraging a cloud environment. – Read More Read More

2010-2020 Storage Decade

The last decade was an amazing period for the storage industry with several major technology developments and confirmations but also some key companies creation, M&As and IPOs. – Read More Read More