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Spectra Logic CEO and Founder Nate Thompson Discusses Long Term Survival In Enterprise IT!

Nate Thompson joins Mat Brown to discuss Spectra Logic’s long term survival in the enterprise IT industry, how they got to where they are today and where they’re going in the future. He’ll also discuss industry challenges, make a book recommendation and tell the audience if Colorado Governor Jared Polis is a good poker player! – Listen to the Podcast

Boulder-based Spectra Logic shares ransomware attack story

Daily Camera
May 7, 2020, was like any other Thursday at Spectra Logic Corp., a Boulder-based IT hardware firm that manufactures data storage and management solutions. That morning, employees were just getting their days started when lots of little things began to go wrong. – Read More

Lifelong data: Imperial War Museum storage campaign

CIOs everywhere are obliged to procure long-term, secure storage for their organizations, but don’t hesitate to think of Ian Crawford, CIO of the Imperial War Museum (IWM). His mission is not only to store and store multimedia, which is the equivalent of five heritage sites containing highly sensitive data, but also to store it. – Read More

Imperial War Museums Integrate Spectra StorCycle Software to Advance Digitisation and Preservation of Invaluable Historical Assets

Spectra Logic today announced that Imperial War Museums (IWM) deployed Spectra StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management Software to enhance its existing storage infrastructure, which supports its audio-visual and exhibitions departments to preserve invaluable data, including thousands of films, videotapes, audio recordings and photographs that would otherwise disintegrate and be lost forever were they not digitised. – Read More

This company was hit by ransomware. Here’s what they did next, and why they didn’t pay up

It started out as a normal Thursday for Tony Mendoza, senior IT director at Spectra Logic, a data storage company based in Boulder, Colorado. And then the ransomware attack began.

“We got some notifications of some system failings and it quickly turned into a lot of unrelated systems failing, which is really abnormal,” says Mendoza. He realised that the company was under attack – and that its files were being encrypted. – Read More Read More