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Webinar – Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

We have created a new webinar that all IT folks should watch. "Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity" discusses the benefits of a comprehensive DRBC plan. You’ll also learn why a blended tape and disk solution is a key component of a sound disaster recovery strategy and how those technologies together can help minimize downtime from disruptive events.

Watch DRBC Webinar

Meet the Blog Contributors

Here are the contributors to the Backup and Recover Blog.

Craig Bungay – Sales Manager

Craig Bungay is Spectra Logic’s sales manager for the UK and Ireland.

Bob Cone – Product Specialist

Bob Cone has worked in the storage industry for 25 years. In his current position as product specialist with Spectra Logic, he focuses on data security and power use in data centers.

Kevin Dudak – Senior Product Manager

Kevin has been in playing with magic spark boxes since the mid 90’s. After Aiming High in the US Air Force, he transitioned into civilian life in 1999, managing to avoid the Y2K fun. In the last 10 years, he has held several positions with different storage manufactures, both software and hardware, specializing in architecture, product management and whatever no one else would do. He has degrees from the University of New Mexico in both Economics and the ever popular University Studies. Hoping to one day be the Jay Leno of Storage, Kevin spends much of his time playing with and breaking cars. He is also looking for his first ex-wife. Read More