Big Storage, Little Price: Last Call for Spectra?s T50e Tape Library Promo

There is still time to take advantage of the “Big Storage, Little Price” Spectra Logic T50e price promotion that launched this past February.  Just contact your Spectra Logic sales representative or check out the T50e Web Page, then place your order before June 30th 2011. The special promotion includes a T50e with 10 slots and 1 LTO-4 half-height Fibre Channel tape drive for only $7,725.00. Or, if you want the latest in tape technology, we're offering the T50e with 10 slots and 1 LTO-5 half-height Fibre Channel tape drive for $9,275.00.

Top 10 reasons to take advantage of this promotion today: Read More

Spectra Logic Defines Data Integrity Verification; Looks Forward to Tape Summit

A recent Spectra Logic announcement caused quite a stir within the storage industry, from positive analyst and media feedback to customers asking about implementing it. Why the excitement? More organizations are retaining ever-expanding volumes of data and storing it for ever-increasing periods of time to meet their business and compliance objectives. And they want to know without a doubt their data will be there when needed.  Spectra’s BlueScale® Data Integrity Verification provides organizations the utmost confidence their backup and archive data will be readily available when needed, regardless of how long it has been stored. Spectra’s offering is “data archive insurance”, the first of its kind in the market, unmatched in both its comprehensiveness and its flexibility.  And, importantly, it is available across our entire line of TSeries tape libraries at no additional cost to users.   Read More

Archive and Backup

Last week I looked at how archiving data can help take the strain off backup systems.  The theory is pretty simple: if you have less data to backup, then it is easier to meet backup windows with fewer resources.

It should not come as a shock that this basic idea also helps in a disaster recovery event.  I am going to stick with the same example as last week, which is a customer with 100 TB of data.  I am doing this both to be consistent for those of you that read my article last week, and also because I am lazy and have already done most of the work. 

Before I get too deep into this extremely interesting conversation, I want to make sure we are all thinking about the same scenario in respect to archive.  Many people think of archives as a place where data goes to die.  Today's Active Archive systems are very different.  Most file-based data that is fairly static can easily reside in the archive.  When needed, the data is read from the archive directly into the application requesting it.  Active Archiving is as much about how we manage data as it is how we store it. Read More

How Archive Can Fix Backup

I have talked with a lot of storage and backup administrators over the years.  While everyone has challenges that are just as unique as their data sets and organizations, there is a common theme.  Users typically say, "My backups take too long," "I need faster hardware," "I take too many tapes offsite" or "Even with deduplication, I can't afford to replicate". 

Constant data growth and shrinking backup windows are the one, two punch that makes it very difficult for us to successfully protect all of our data.  For many organizations, backup can be the highest bandwidth application on the network.  After all, we are trying to move a copy of all of our data over the network every weekend.  This touches the primary storage system the data resides on, the clients that access it, the entire network infrastructure and of course the backup servers and storage.  No wonder troubleshooting backup performance problems can drive even a teetotaler to drink.  Read More

CTO Insight: Big Data; Why Tape?

CTO Insight: Big Data: Why Tape?

 By Matt Starr, Spectra Logic’s CTO

I have watched the tape market’s growth over the last two years, which seems mostly due to the increasing number of archive installations.  With much larger system implementations projected through 2014, this growth will continue for the foreseeable future.  Military low-altitude and high-altitude video surveillance in countries like Afghanistan, the media and entertainment industry’s drive to 4K file data and the growth in PACS data are just a few of the many market segments driving the implementation of large archives.  Read More

What Spectra?s up to at Backup Central Live

Backup and recovery guru – Curtis Preston recently announced a new seminar series, Backup Central Live by Truth in IT, for 2011.  When Spectra heard of the new events we signed up for the first 5 announced in early 2011 – how could we resist?!?! We were quite excited to participate in these day- long events taking place in various cities (Irvine, CA Jan 25; Santa Clara, CA Jan 27; Orlando, FL Feb 1; Chicago, IL Feb 3 – now Feb 22; Houston, TX Feb 8) – where we’d get the opportunity to speak one-on-one with end users as well as share some of our personal accomplishments and industry updates during a speech to the entire audience.
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Spectra Logic Federal Joins General Dynamics EDGE Innovation Network

by Mark Weis, VP of Spectra Logic Federal

Spectra recently joined General Dynamics EDGE® Innovation Network, a collaborative, open-environment initiative enabling industry and academia, with government input, to work together to enhance the delivery cycle of new technologies and innovative capabilities to warfighters and first responders. Currently, there are several projects in development at six EDGE Innovation centers worldwide. The projects are intended to improve and enhance warfighter capabilities.

Pete Palmer, EDGE Innovation Network director, said, “The EDGE bridges gaps between end-user needs and current capabilities by promoting rapidly prototyped solutions that could close those gaps quickly. By applying the EDGE process, the government can quickly and cost-effectively review multiple options for users to evaluate in months rather than years.” Read More

Spectra Logic Rolls out T50e Tape Library Promotion

Come celebrate the start of 2011 with us at Spectra Logic.  To kick off the new calendar year, we are offering a Spectra T50e pricing special that is good for a limited time only.  The T50e offers entry-level and mid-market customers powerful library management functionality including  highly reliable tape backup and archive with complete Lifecycle Management, increased security through our integrated BlueScale Encryption, and a range of support options to complement their requirements.  In fact, thanks to our built-in BlueScale management software that ranges across our entire tape library family, the T50e offers all of Spectra’s rich features that competing libraries typically only offer to enterprise customers. Read More

Odd to Outrageous

First, the odd.  The enormous ball of tape (blessed by the Guinness Book of World Records, a marvelous device with which to level your desk) that EMC stuck in a London hotel lobby is the biggest ball of tape ever (2 meters across).

Why on earth did EMC create this? The tape ball is already denser than any of their disk.  Admitted to be 1.8 PB native capacity, it comes to 3.6 PB compressed. Alternately, using another statement associated with the same source, the tape for the ball came from 6,000 tape cartridges which, if one assumes them to be LTO5, is 9 PB native/18 PB compressed. Read More

Today’s Positive Tape Trends are No Surprise to Spectra Logic

I recently read Henry Newman's blog announcing his top 10 storage predictions on Enterprise Storage Forum. He summarized 2010 in two words: stagnation and consolidation. While this may have been true for some companies, Spectra Logic experienced quite the opposite. We invested in innovation and accelerated deployment of the TFinity tape library. We significantly grew our customer base, unit sales and revenues. We remained self-funded, debt-free and privately-held. Based on the tape innovations and technology advancements that we have brought to market, we knew that tape was poised to reign supreme. Read More