Big Data in Government

Spectra Logic’s Kevin Dudak is a contributing blogger for the Inside Big Data Blog. His most recent post has been reprinted below with permission from Rich Brueckner:

I am currently wading through the massive task of trying to buy a house. Searching is one part fun, one part frustrating. My friends would say this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I am looking for something a little different than normal. I want some space for a workshop, a toy or two and maybe even a couple of goats. At this point, you are asking what any of this has to do with government and big data.

When thinking about Big Data it can often be boiled down to the following steps: Read More

From the EMC Show Floor: W. Curtis Preston Talks to Molly Rector

Last week, Spectra Logic had the pleasure of being the only tape vendor at EMC World. EMC now sells Spectra TSeries tape libraries and we were happy to participate in the show and demonstrate our solutions to this captive audience.

W. Curtis Preston of Truebit.tv and Backup Central stopped by our booth and interviewed Molly Rector, Spectra Logic's EVP of Product Management and Worldwide Marketing. Here's what she had to say about the growing tape storage market:


60 Years Later, Tape Storage Technology Remains Leading-Edge

Tapped to Support NCSA’s Blue Waters Supercomputer

Today, Spectra Logic announced an exciting partnership with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)to support one of the most powerful and cutting-edge supercomputers in the world with its intelligent tape-based storage repository.

NCSA has selected Spectra Logic’s TFinity tape libraries to provide all of the nearline data storage for its Blue Waters project. The project’s near-line data storage will scale to a capacity of 380 Petabytes within the first two years, and will ultimately scale to more than half an exabyte (>500 petabytes). Read More

Bring Your Child to Work Day at Spectra

Children Share Their Impressions from Spectra Logic's Bring Your Child to Work Day Celebration

Last week, over 70 children attended Spectra Logic's "Bring Your Child to Work Day" celebration. This year marked the 20th anniversary of this event and Spectra Logic has participated since its inception.

At Spectra Logic's event, children don't just follow mom or dad around the office, they are exposed to a fun-filled, educational adventure. Throughout the day children participated in a variety of events from tours, to trade shows to interviews and educational workshops. There was also a little downtime with outdoor games and activities and an ice cream social to top off the day. Read More

Observations from the NAB Show Floor

NAB 2012 has come and gone, and it was a great show for Spectra Logic!  We had more meetings and booth traffic than ever before.  While a lot of hype was generated from remote controlled helicopters carrying high def cameras and a large presence by GoPro, here are some things that stood out from the vantage point of the Spectra Logic booth:

Attendance was definitely up.  Of the people that came by, most were in a decision-making capacity, which is a good thing for any vendor.

No more drinking the disk Kool-Aid.  The last of the dying breed of disk only users seem to have paid the high cost of that strategy, unfortunately in loss of content.  One customer in particular, who will remain nameless, I remember well from last year when he was very excited that his station had just procured a rather large amount of disk storage to backup their primary – “oh, we’ll be good for a while now” were his words I believe.  I saw him again the first day of the show and this year he says, “We need to talk!” It turns out that large amount of storage he bought for a great price didn’t help him when a software bug started randomly deleting files.  They lost 7,000 titles! Read More

Got Big Data? 4 Things to Look for at the NAB Show

Spectra Logic’s Kevin Dudak is a contributing blogger for the Inside Big Data Blog. His most recent post has been reprinted below with permission from Rich Brueckner:

Got Big Data? 4 Things to Look for at the NAB Show

I just got an email from the organizers of the NAB Show in Las Vegas this April about my registration confirmation. I’ve always enjoyed attending this show, as it has a lot of things you don’t see at the typical IT show. How many storage shows have provisions for helicopters to fly in and be displayed?

This show draws a wide cross section of organizations, with lots of educational seminars, as well as vendor displays. What they all have in common is data. The capture side creates the raw data, editors and post-production change the data, and broadcast distributes finished data. Read More

Big Data Software ? More Than Just Analytics

Spectra Logic’s Kevin Dudak is a contributing blogger for the Inside Big Data Blog. His most recent post, Big Data Software – More Than Just Analytics, has been reprinted below with permission from Rich Brueckner:

Big Data Software – More Than Just Analytics

I noticed a funny thing the other day while on the Storage Networking World website, looking at the different things on the agenda. At the top of the list is the Big Data track the first day of the show. That’s pretty predictable, given everyone seems to be talking about Big Data these days.

Surprisingly, Hadoop isn’t mentioned once in any of the Big Data track session descriptions. Some of the Big Data Track sessions are about Data Analytics, bringing Big Data to the enterprise and where to start with Big Data – in all of this I am sure Hadoop will come up, but it’s interesting it was not mentioned in the titles or descriptions. Read More

Why It’s Important to Focus on the Data, Not the Storage Medium

Spectra Logic's Molly Rector recently had the opportunity to contribute an article to Computer Technology Review on the importance of focusing on the data instead of the storage medium when it comes to data storage. She explained how deciding which storage media to use involves many factors including cost, reliability, data integrity and accessibility.

In the article, she also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each storage medium and explains how the key to protecting data is to first understand the merits of the storage media, and second, to focus on the data requirements and usage. Read More

Thinking About Big Data on the Eve of Spring Trade Show Season

Spectra Logic’s Kevin Dudak recently became a contributing blogger for the Inside Big Data  Blog. His first post Thinking About Big Data on the Eve of Spring Trade Show Season has been reprinted below with permission from Rich Brueckner:

Thinking about Big Data on the eve of the spring trade show season

The month of March brings longer days, warmer weather and the start of the spring trade show season.  There seem to be as many trade shows as there are interest and industries.  Last year, we saw a lot of people start talking about Big Data at these shows.  The trend most likely will continue, with Big Data taking a bigger share of the conversation.   Read More

What if Tape was Dead?

By Steve Mackey, VP Sales, Europe and Africa

From the stage of world history right down to our everyday lives, everyone loves a good ‘what-if…?’. Whether it’s imagining how different the world might be if a famous political figure had chosen a different career, a sporting icon had signed for a different team, or even imagining  how different your circumstances might be if you had just taken up a different job offer a few years ago or attended a different college.

So here’s my attempt at a little bit of revisionist history, aimed at some nay-sayers who fixate on tape’s future: What if….tape WAS dead? Read More