#ICYMI: 5 Reasons the University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute chose Spectra Logic Tape & BlackPearl with Globus Software

Earlier this week at Globus World 2017 in Chicago, Spectra Logic announced in a press release that its BlackPearl Converged Storage System is now certified with Globus. The companies have been working closely together for some time to bring archive and backup solutions to a wide array of High Performance Computing, Higher Education and non-profit organizations.

Globus World 2017_Spectra Table

Also released this week, was a case study outlining the University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute’s (MSI’s) Spectra Logic-Globus solution. Following a grant application, the University of Minnesota chose a Spectra T950 with LTO-7 media and a Spectra BlackPearl with Globus Software to replace an aging system and boost reliability in their backup and HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) processes. Read More

The Present and Future of Video Surveillance Data Storage

Over the past decade, the volume of surveillance video being recorded, indexed, and stored has increased significantly. There are multiple operational demands driving this increase, as well as the widespread demand for video surveillance.

Security Camera on blue sky

Primary drivers include:

  • Growth in security programs since 9/11
  • Recognition that video surveillance replaces the need to send people into remote or dangerous locations
  • New technology innovations, such as 4K video, IR/thermal systems, and reliable wireless connectivity

This last point indicates that the demand for video is unlikely to slow any time soon. Drones and bodycams are just beginning to have an impact on physical security operations. Traffic management, license plate identification, and facial recognition represent entirely new security applications that require constant flows of high-quality video to be effective. More than 60 million cameras are now installed worldwide, and nearly half of those cameras are already high-definition (HD) compatible. HD cameras are quickly becoming the norm, with 4K systems soon to become mainstream. Read More

Comparing Data Resiliency and Data Protection

What is the difference between “data resiliency” and “data protection?” Both terms relate to digitally preserving organizational assets in the event of a natural disaster or data center corruption, however their means of doing so vary. The main discrepancy between the two really relates back to the cloud.

Key Picture

Data Resiliency
The term “data resiliency” refers to data’s ability to “spring back” in situations where it is compromised. In the cloud, data is resilient because it can be stored in a number of different locations. No one location is better than the other, availability is just improved by the more places data is stored, specifically in the event a location goes down or the data becomes corrupted. Users have access to data so long as the location they are storing their data at is accessible and the data isn’t compromised. If the one location goes down, users are directed to the second location. If all locations go down, then the organization no longer has access to its data. Read More

Enterprise Tape Solutions: Keeping Pace with Explosive HPC Market Growth

By: Sarah Clews, WW Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA), HPE Storage

Brian Grainger, CSO, Spectra Logic

In November 2016, Spectra Logic and HPE announced a new partnership – with the news that HPE will resell Spectra Logic’s enterprise-level tape libraries, the HPE T950 and the HPE TFinity® ExaScale Edition. By combining forces, HPE and Spectra provide the market with reliable and affordable enterprise tape storage solutions that address all of the requirements of customers who are managing extremely large data sets – often in HPC environments.

HPE Blog 1

Since data archiving is rarely at the top of the “exciting projects” list for IT professionals, the search for archiving solutions can often be a low priority. However, when an organization is generating large amounts of business-critical data, from petabytes to exabytes in High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, archiving should be a necessity. Preserving and maintaining access to data allows users to yield innovative scientific insights, solve complex equations, or effectively serve customers while growing their businesses. Archives are no longer where data goes to repose; instead, archives should be seen as the place where data goes to live, by preserving an organization’s ability to extract value from those archived data sets even as they continue to expand exponentially. Read More

When the Cloud is Out of Order, Are You?

Portions of Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3, one of the world’s largest computing and storage companies, went offline Tuesday afternoon, impacting millions of companies across the world.

Picture 1

AWS provides cloud-based storage and web services for organizations looking for a virtual environment as opposed to the physical hardware infrastructure of on-premise solutions. For example, a post- production organization might store its videos, images or databases on an AWS server to be accessed, transcoded, and distributed via the Internet.

Organizations that use AWS include Adobe Systems, Airbnb, Netflix, Slacker, SmugMug, Spotify, Yelp, and many more. While not all of these organizations were affected by the outage, some experienced varying degrees of operational impact, from slowdowns to full-site inoperability. Read More

The 5 W’s: A Break Down of Spectra Logic and Hammer’s New Partnership

Earlier this week, Spectra Logic and Hammer distributed an exciting press announcement, reporting the details of their newly signed EMEA-wide distribution agreement. Spectra is thrilled to be working with Hammer, and looks forward to seeing where their new partnership leads them.

Who is Hammer?
Hammer is an award-winning, specialist value-add distributor with a dedicated history to data storage, servers and end-to-end IT solutions, offering a world-class portfolio of vendors. Hammer has strong commitment to satisfying ever-changing business needs, driving innovation and customer growth, and facilitating unique ways of adding value.

Where is Hammer located?
Hammer has its headquarters in Basingstoke, England, with a staff of 165, and has increasing European presence with offices in the Nordics, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Hammer distributes throughout Europe, and ensures customers receive a technical, commercial and competitive business advantage.

What does Spectra Logic and Hammer’s new partnership entail?
The partnership will see Hammer adding Spectra Logic’s deep storage tape and disk-based products to its portfolio and will allow Spectra Logic to strengthen its position in key backup and archive markets. As Spectra Logic’s object-based storage systems links directly to the public cloud, this distribution agreement will also enable Hammer to enhance its current cloud portfolio.

Why are Spectra Logic and Hammer partnering together?
By partnering with Hammer, Spectra will grow its enterprise-level reseller customer base. By partnering with Spectra, Hammer will increase its high-performance computing offering to its partners and customers. Adding Spectra Logic’s data workflow storage solutions will allow Hammer to reach a whole new genre of users, seeking a complete data workflow.

When will Hammer begin distributing Spectra Logic products?
Hammer’s distribution of Spectra Logic products went live on Monday, February 20th. Channel resellers interested in selling our solutions may simply reach out to Hammer for more information and to get involved. Distribution will primarily be geared towards surveillance, high performance computing (HPC), hybrid cloud, and general and enterprise IT data users. Read More

Two Spectra Executives Named 2017 CRN Channel Chiefs

This week, CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, announced its 2017 Channel Chiefs. This annual list recognizes executives in the IT channel driving revenue and growth in their organizations through relationships with channel partners. Spectra Logic is proud to have two of its own executives included this year: chief sales officer, Brian Grainger, and senior director of marketing, Betsy Doughty.

Channel Chief honorees are selected by CRN’s editorial staff on the basis of their professional achievements, standing in the industry, dedication to the channel partner community and strategies for driving future growth and innovation. Each of the 2017 Channel Chiefs has demonstrated loyalty and ongoing support for the IT channel by consistently promoting, defending and executing outstanding channel partner programs. Read More

Spectra Logic: Year in Review

Yesterday morning, Spectra Logic launched a press release announcing its tenth consecutive year of profitability at the close of 2016. As we reflect on the past calendar year, Spectra sure has a lot to celebrate. We accomplished a lot in 2016, and are looking forward to an equally successful 2017.

Here is a recap of some of our top achievements:

1) BlackPearl Clients: In 2016, we introduced exciting new BlackPearl integrations with Cyberduck, Ceph and Lustre. These new clients make it easy for customers to move data to Spectra’s deep storage appliances, greatly reducing the cost and complexity of storing data in long-term archives. Spectra also certified several BlackPearl clients for Media and Entertainment in 2016, including Avid, CatDV, Imagen, EMAM, and Marquis. Visit the Spectra Logic Developer Program website for BlackPearl developer resources. Read More

Step Up to Big Data Archive Challenges with New HPE Enterprise Tape Solutions


  • Sarah Clew, WW Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA), HPE Storage
  • Brian Grainger, CSO, Spectra Logic

Just for large enterprises that require scalability, low costs, simplified management and reliable long-term retention to manage ExaScale capacities: HPE announced at Discover London 2016 our partnership with Spectra Logic to deliver two new tape archive solutions – HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale. Read on to find out how these new library offerings can help your business step up to the archive challenges posed by big data growth.


Without question, Big Data is a prevalent term in the IT world. However, it’s a term that has several different meanings associated with it. According to Gartner, Big Data is frequently referred to as vast volumes and varieties of data types that require cost-effective means of processing to produce insights that can inform decision making and business procedures. Data volumes of this kind are often collections of new types of data that have emerged with the advent of social media platforms, high definition and special FX technologies, as well as 3D and 4D capabilities in media, healthcare and engineering. Not to mention an increase in the usage of rich media such as product videos, galleries, podcasts and infographics that are now an essential part of any business’s communications toolkit. Read More

#ICYMI – This Week at Supercomputing 2016

This week, the Spectra Logic team travelled to beautiful Salt Lake City to exhibit at one of our largest industry trade shows of the entire year, Supercomputing. Also referred to as SC16, Supercomputing is an international conference for high performance computing, networking storage, and analysis. More than 11,000 people attended this year’s show, with hundreds paying a visit to Spectra’s booth. Our executive team met with Spectra end users, partners, press and analysts from around the world, all coming together to discuss why #HPCMatters. Here’s a summary of Spectra’s promotions at the event, #ICYMI: Read More