Spectra’s BlackPearl Clients

The Spectra Logic BlackPearl DS3 provides an easy, cloud-like interface to on-premises storage solutions, including Spectra disk and tape libraries, and multiple public cloud integrations. One of its cloud interfaces is called Spectra DS3, and a software client is required to transfer data to the Spectra DS3 interface. Many Spectra DS3 clients already exist, with full integration into data management software. Customers can create their own clients, or modify existing clients to custom fit their workflows and environments.

Please click here to see all Certified BlackPearl clients.

Spectra Certified cloud integrations clients

The Spectra Developer Program

The Spectra Developer Program website provides all the tools needed to build a Spectra DS3 client, or Customer Created Client (CCC), including a BlackPearl simulator, sample clients, software development kits, and documentation.

Use the resources below to  learn how to become a BlackPearl partner or to create your own client.

Integration Methods

Spectra Logic provides two methods for integrating to BlackPearl: the “SDK” method and the “RioBroker” method.
Click here to find the method that suits your architecture and environment.

Spectra Logic
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