Spectra Logic Announces 10GbE Connectivity to Tape Solution

Spectra’s Complete Family of TSeries Libraries Compatible with 10GbE iSCSI Interface
FRANKFURT, Germany (SNW Europe) & BOULDER, Colo. —Oct. 30, 2012—
Spectra Logic, today announced the introduction of support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)  iSCSI connectivity as an interface option for the Spectra TSeries tape libraries.  The 10GbE iSCSI connectivity solution is offered in partnership with Bridgeworks utilizing its EFC102200 10GbE iSCSI to Fibre Channel (FC) Bridge, and allows modern data centers to achieve total flexibility, performance and simple integration of their tape system into 10GbE SANs.
“We’re excited to continue on the path of keeping tape storage systems easy to integrate in the modern data center. By supporting the Bridgeworks solution for 10GbE iSCSI connectivity to our TSeriestape libraries, our customers who are designing data center solutions based on 10GbE  iSCSI  no longer need to maintain a FC SAN just for their tape storage system,” said Molly Rector, executive vice president of product management and worldwide marketing, Spectra Logic.   Read More

Spectra Logic Expands Enterprise-level Encryption Key Management Portfolio with TKLM

Spectra TKLM Provides Centralized Encryption Key Management for Multiple Libraries / Multiple Site Security Requirements
FRANKFURT, GERMANY (SNW Europe) and BOULDER, COLO.—Oct. 30, 2012Spectra Logic, today announced a new enterprise-level encryption key management offering for its TSeries tape libraries. Spectra TKLM is a proven key management solution that meets the highest standard of encryption security, including a FIPS 140-2 level 1 compliant mode. Capable of managing multiple libraries and sites from a central point, Spectra TKLM allows enterprises to consolidate and simplify encryption key management practices, reduce costs and improve overall security. Read More

DCIG Interview with Spectra Logic CEO Nathan Thompson Part II

This interview series was originally published on the DCIG website at www.dcig.com.

80% of the World's Data Resides on Tape

Despite the marketing buzz about the demise of tape, one almost indisputable fact remains: up to 80% of the world's data resides on tape. Statistics like that helped to convince Spectra Logic that there was a bright light at the end of the tape tunnel and prompted it to double down on tape products. In this second part of my interview with Spectra Logic's CEO, we discuss what Spectra Logic saw—that others did not—that led it to focus more heavily on tape as opposed to disk. Read More

DCIG Interview with Spectra Logic CEO Nathan Thompson Part 1

This interview series was originally published on the DCIG website at www.dcig.com.

One of the most engaging and friendly CEOs one can hope to meet in the technology industry is none other than Spectra Logic's CEO Nathan Thompson who came from very humble beginnings and has worked hard to build Spectra Logic to what it is today – the leading manufacturer of tape libraries. However, how Spectra Logic came to assume this position is an interesting story in and of itself. Today, in the first part of this interview series with Nathan, he sheds some light on how Spectra Logic became so tape centric and even today views tape as an underserved market. Read More

IBC Show 2012: Observations from the Show Floor

Once again, I had the pleasure of attending one of the media and entertainment industry's largest international trade shows, IBC 2012, earlier this month. Overall it was a great show with attendance pretty much in line with last year in terms of the number of attendees and the amount of traffic on the show floor. Read More

Spectra Logic Files Response to Unwarranted Lawsuit by Overland Storage

BOULDER, Colo.—September 5, 2012—Spectra Logic announced today that it filed its response to Overland Storage, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: OVRL) recently initiated patent infringement lawsuit. The response sets forth Spectra Logic’s contentions that Overland’s asserted patent claims are invalid and not infringed.  Spectra Logic’s response includes relatively unique defenses that Overland’s request for damages is completely extinguished due to Overland’s unusually long delay and misleading conduct in connection with the lawsuit. Spectra Logic also filed a Motion to Stay Overland’s recently filed lawsuit pending the outcome of similar proceedings currently in process with the International Trade Commission (“ITC”).  Read More

Spectra Logic and Harris Deliver End-to-End Media Archive Workflow

Joint Solution Offers Secure, Cost-Effective Storage Archival for Digital Media Assets
BOULDER, Colo.—Sept. 4, 2012Spectra Logic, celebrating more than 30 years of data storage innovation, today announced a worldwide relationship with Harris Broadcast Communications to provide broadcast and media customers with secure, cost-effective storage archival solutions. The relationship allows Harris to resell Spectra Logic’s TSeries LTO tape libraries as part of its new Invenio® Archive solution, and provide its customers with a complete end-to-end solution including automation, digital asset management, tiered storage management and archive. Read More