Spectra Logic and Four Leaf Technologies Sign Distribution Agreement for Scandinavian Market

Four Leaf to Resell Spectra Libraries, Archive and Backup Servers in the Nordic Market   BOULDER, Colo., July 16, 2007—Spectra Logic, the leading innovator in data archive and backup, and Four Leaf Technologies, an IT Infrastructure management distributor, have entered a distribution agreement. Four Leaf will now offer Spectra Logic tape libraries including the Spectra® T950, T120, T50 and Spectra Logic D500 disk backup solutions to resellers throughout Scandinavia. Spectra Logic will expand its reach in this region to match worldwide growth. VARs in the Nordic market, beginning with Sweden and Finland, can now purchase complete storage systems from a one-stop-shop distributor—Four Leaf.   Four Leaf currently offers a number storage products from vendors including: BakBone, Computer Associates, EqualLogic, Infortrend, NetApp, Symantec and Tivoli. It will now add several Spectra Logic tape, disk and encryption libraries to complete its storage line.   “Spectra Logic’s unique customer-focused technologies with design focus on offerings with low power consumption and hardware-based encryption made them an attractive vendor to research,” said Kristian Thyregod, VP of sales and marketing for Four Leaf Technologies. “Spectra Logic is a dynamic, growth-oriented company with strong customer service ethics. By adding Spectra Logic hardware, Four Leaf is completing a storage product line with unique and innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs.”   The Spectra T950 enterprise, T120 midrange, and T50 SMB tape libraries offer LTO, SAIT and SDLT configurations and scale from two TB to more than 16PB of storage. The Spectra D500 is a compact 3U NAS appliance that is configurable with two, four and eight terabytes configurations of raw storage space on SATA disk.    “When we began meeting with Four Leaf about the possibility of a distribution agreement in the summer of 2006, we identified an immediate synergy between the two corporations,” said Anthony Yeates, vice president of EMEA sales for Spectra Logic. “We’ve established a comprehensive plan to enter the Nordic market, and allow VARS to resell value-added archive and backup products.”   About Four Leaf Technologies Four Leaf Technologies is a value creating distributor. We are focusing on IT Infrastructure Management, helping our diligent partners deliver superior server, storage and data management solutions including pre- and after sales services.  Investing in a responsive IT Infrastructure can be a strenuous exercise. Research has shown that in many incidents the overall IT costs are driven by "fluid demand"; over capacity build-up for peak loads and gauging for adequate processor power can easily inflate IT costs, taking stock of information assets, dealing with unstructured data and maintaining a controlled view on storage management technologies and techniques.  We are aiming to help reduce the hassles of running a responsive IT Infrastructure to deal with the workloads and requirements of companies and organizations from small start-up companies to the household name enterprises and public institutions in the Nordic region. Together with our vendors and diligent partners (corporate resellers, system integrators, solutions providers etc.) we will address the concerns of customers head-on and we will jointly provide solutions. Visit www.four-leaf.com for more information.

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Bell Microproducts and Spectra Logic Enter Distribution Agreement

Bell Adds Entire Spectra Logic Archive and Backup Product Line to Storage Suite   BOULDER, Colo., June 18, 2007—Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, and Bell Microproducts Inc. (NASDAQ: BELM), one of the world’s largest value-added distributors of storage and computing technology, have entered into a distribution agreement. Bell Microproducts now distributes Spectra Logic’s entire line of tape libraries and disk archive solutions to thousands of US and Canada-based value added resellers (VARs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system builders.   Spectra Logic’s tape, disk and encryption products range from SMB to enterprise level, are platform independent and integrate with all major operating systems. Customers can choose tape libraries with AIT, LTO, SAIT or SDLT tape; RXT SATA disk VTL technology; or Spectra’s newest product family, SATA-based nTier archive and backup servers.   “Spectra Logic’s products compliment our current storage offerings, and add a key enterprise-class library, the Spectra T950, that can be expanded to more than 16 PB and be configured with tape, disk, encryption and/or as a VTL,” said Ryan Lewis, a product marketing manager for Bell Microproducts. “Bell Microproducts entered the partnership with Spectra Logic to further establish our organization as the industry’s strongest enterprise-class storage distributor.”   Bell Microproducts will distribute the following Spectra Logic products to its reseller partners: LTO-based Spectra T950, T120, T50, T24; AIT-based Spectra 64K, 20K, 2K; SATA-based RXT disk; and the SATA-based nTier500 archive and backup server.      “We selected Bell Microproducts as a partner because it has the strongest storage focus in technology distribution,” said Molly Rector, vice president of marketing and product management for Spectra Logic. “VARs can issue a single purchase order, which eliminates purchasing hassles and offers access to complete software and hardware solutions from one vendor.”  

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LTO-4 Encryption – Spectra Logic Announces Free Encryption Key Management with LTO-4

BOULDER, Colo., April 30, 2007—LTO-4 Encryption: Spectra Logic, the leading innovator in data archive and backup, today announced its support for LTO-4 encryption, including LTO-4 drive-based encryption, in the T50, T120 and T950 libraries. LTO-4 encryption requires a key management solution be in place to manage the encryption keys. Spectra Logic has extended BlueScale Encryption’s key management to now manage LTO-4 encryption keys as well as library generated encryption keys. Spectra Logic is currently the only library vendor on the market offering a complete LTO-4 key management solution.    “Customer research shows that key management is one of the most pressing concerns when dealing with encrypted data,” said Jon Oltsik, senior security analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group.” With this announcement Spectra Logic has taken a leadership position as it now offers an advanced key management functionally in an encryption solution.”   For more than a year, Spectra Logic has been shipping library-based encryption and key management for enhanced data security. Spectra’s Endura Key Management is the only key management solution available today that is fully integrated with a tape library, has proven ease-of-use and an affordable cost point. This key management is now extended to support LTO-4 drive-based encryption.    "With all the focus on data security in the marketplace today, the addition of the IBM Ultrium LTO Generation 4 Tape Drive to Spectra Logic’s portfolio is a key enabler for encryption-based solutions.  Spectra Logic is known for providing customers with reliable, innovative tape storage solutions.  With this announcement, Spectra Logic now has the ability to offer increased capacity and performance with encryption that helps address customers’ needs in the marketplace," said Alan Dickinson, Director, IBM OEM Storage Partnerships.   Spectra Logic offers two levels of key management: BlueScale Encryption Standard Edition is a secure solution designed for simplicity and is offered at no charge; Professional Edition has all the security of Standard Edition while also offering more extensive key management options for environments with rigorous key management standards. Both Standard and Professional Edition offer fully secure key management for both drive- and library-based encryption of backed up data.   LTO-4 Fibre Channel drives are available now from Spectra Logic, offering 1.6TB compressed capacity per tape, 240 MB/s data transfer rate, WORM capability and the new drive encryption option.   “We are pleased to be the first to offer library-based key management for LTO-4 drives, using a customer proven key management interface,” said Molly Rector, VP of marketing and product management for Spectra Logic. “Spectra Logic believes that secure data protection strategies must include encryption that is affordable and simple to implement. We believe backup encryption should be accessible to all organizations. BlueScale Encryption with LTO-4 is designed to fit any size budget and all levels of key management requirements”.   About Spectra Logic Corporation

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Spectra Logic Introduces New Archive and Backup Product Category

First Product in Industry to Offer Single Platform for all Archive and Backup Needs   SAN DIEGO, STORAGE NETWORKING WORLD, April 18, 2007—Spectra Logic has introduced Archive and Backup Servers as a new product category designed to uniquely meet customer needs for data archive and backup.   Spectra® nTier is the industry’s first product line available in the new Archive and Backup Server product category. Spectra nTier offers purpose-built archive hardware, a file system interface, unified backup and archive management applications and the ability to logically search, categorize and retrieve archived information. nTier is designed with SATA disks and seamlessly integrates with Spectra Logic’s tape and RXT mobile disk lines using a single management interface, BlueScale.   nTier hardware integrates disk and tape, as well as archive and backup software applications through a single management interface. nTier hardware offers industry- leading storage density, RAID 6 data protection of SATA disk drives, power monitoring for proactive energy savings and the ability to incrementally add storage in the field as needs evolve. nTier hardware is modularly designed to offer investment protection for future archive and backup needs. Network interfaces, disk drives, processors and motherboards are all designed to be modularly upgraded, enabling customers to take advantage of new technologies as they become available.   “As industry and government mandates for data archive and backup continue to require data retention for longer durations, archive and backup platforms must be designed for use many years into the future,” states Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic’s founder and CEO. “nTier offers upgradeable interfaces, storage, applications and processors to ensure the platform will meet customer needs today and  many years into the future.”   Storage managers can now deploy a single product to manage a broad set of applications, such as:

  • Network Attached Storage (NFS/CIFS)
  • Disk-based backup
  • Master/Media Server
  • Tiered Storage Services (HSM)
  • Data Classification
  • Email Archive
  • Data Deduplication
  • Replication
  • Snapshot (DPM)
  • Spectra Encryption
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    St. John’s Hospital Cures Security Headaches with Spectra Bluescale Encryption

     Spectra Libraries with BlueScale Encryption Help Hospital IT Meet HIPAA Regulations

    BOULDER, Colo., April 3, 2007—Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, today announced that new customer St. John’s Hospital purchased the Spectra® T950 and T120 libraries with BlueScale Encryption Professional Edition to secure all backed up data that leaves the hospital. St. John’s will now encrypt all data sent offsite; because encrypted data is considered irretrievable without the keys, this protects the data from unauthorized use and the hospital from violating Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements and associated legal fall-out. Read More

    Spectra Logic Introduces 16 PB Storage Library with 10,050 Slots

    WASHINGTON, DC—FOSE 2007—March 20, 2007—Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, today announced the eight-frame Spectra® T950— an enterprise-class library that expands as agency data grows, up to 16.08 petabytes, compressed. It is the only product on the market today that large federal data centers can use to partition and integrate any combination of tape, VTL, and encryption, implementingthe AES-256 algorithm and compression through its FIPS-compliant chip. The T950’s encryption key management suite operates within the library through a standard graphical interface, with no need for additional packages to complete the key management solution. Read More

    Spectra Logic Ships 1000th Spectra T50 Tape Library

    BOULDER, Colo., January 29, 2007—Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, announced today that it shipped its 1000thSpectra® T50 library. The Spectra® T50 is configured with up to four LTO drives and 50 media slots in 4U. The SME or remote location library is available in LTO-2 and LTO-3 configurations. T50 customers can opt to pre-purchase LTO-4 drives from Spectra Logic now, and be among the first to upgrade the library when LTO-4 is released. Read More