Privately thriving

Spectra Logic recently announced yet another profitable year—for a third consecutive year— with significant growth in verticals that include media and entertainment, high-performance computing, and the federal government sector. We attribute our success to a number of factors including: Read More

Dedupe and tape elope

"Deduplication has made tape irrelevant" … "Tape Sucks" … “I’m amazed how fast everyone is abandoning tape.”   The deduplication industry in particular, has been extremely vocal about how it is killing off tape. Fighting the conventional wisdom, Spectra Logic is running full speed ahead as a tape company with solid deduplication offerings. As I sit in a hotel room in Phoenix after another day full of meetings with customers and partners, pondering where to have dinner in Scottsdale, I find it interesting that most people I talk to these days find our deduplication with a true tie to tape a "fresh" approach.   Don’t get me wrong, deduplication by itself is great, and many companies have been able to go tapeless with it. Given the right combination of data, retention, compliance concerns and several other variables, it is possible to have a great data protection infrastructure without tape. Unfortunately, the real world does not often line up that way. That is why I think Spectra’s unique tie to tape with nTier, just announced this morning, is so important. The reality is that some organizations will never be able to get rid of tape. (I don’t care what type of data you are storing or archiving, disk is not a good place to keep static data for 7 years.)   Other organizations at a minimum need tape “here and there”. I will leave it up to my partners in crime to preach the benefits of tape, but rest assured, I am the disk guy— who happens to still believe in tape.    This brings me back to the nTier, and its tie to tape. Most organizations are still using tape for their long term backup and archive storage. Instead of disrupting that, nTier with deduplication fits right in. Now, an organization with multiple remote sites can deploy smaller appliances at each remote site, replicate to the main location, and have long term tape copies created at the central site without any administrator interaction at all. It just does not make sense to ignore the predominate media for backup.    That is how automated data protection should be!  

See today’s press release on the market’s first dedupe solution with remote replication and a true tie to tape. Read More

Searching for the Holy Grail: Pain-Free Backups

It is pretty interesting being the "disk guy" at what is thought of as a tape library company.   There is always an opportunity to educate both internally and externally, and that can be fun.  The unfortunate fact is, disk has become way too confusing.  Every vendor has some new spin on disk, with new terms, philosophies and technology, all in the search for the holy grail: pain-free backups.   In the process of trying to solve all this pain, the vendor community may have just created confusion.  Read More

Spectra Logic Posts Third Consecutive Year of Profitability as Demand for Data Protection Solutions Grows

Spectra Logic Outpaces Industry in Product Innovation; Approaches 30-Year Anniversary

BOULDER, Colo.—August 19, 2009—Spectra Logic, a leading innovator of intelligently integrated data protection solutions, today announced significant year over year growth for its enterprise and mid-range data protection solutions.  Spectra Logic posted its third consecutive year of profitability in fiscal year 2009, which ended June 30, 2009, and posted profitable annual results for four of the last five years.  Several significant product innovations were introduced during this period and the company’s base of customers continued to grow.   Read More

CYAssets for Media and Entertainment

By Hossein ZiaShakeri, SVP of Strategic Marketing and Business Development

You may have noticed a number of recent announcements and articles on how media and entertainment customers who have selected Spectra Logic as the preferred vendor for data asset management.    Jon Toigo recently stated in an article about two of Spectra Logic’s broadcast customers NASCAR and the Discovery Channel, that tape continues to be the preferred home for nearly 70 percent of the world’s data — especially in the core of the digital revolution: video.   Media and entertainment is not a new area of focus for Spectra Logic but we are seeing growth here. Outside of the technical benefits of our high-density tape libraries, we understand the industry’s digital archive issues and work closely with our customers to deliver the support necessary to provide archival solutions that offer high capacity and room for growth.   Spectra Logic also announced recently that the

Tennis Channel Read More

Bandwidth of a Station Wagon

On March 12, 2007, Sun’s CEO told an audience it was faster to send a petabyte of data from San Francisco to Hong Kong on a slow boat than by wire.  People find that statement incomprehensible.  Many vendors of disk and de-duplication solutions rely upon this lack of knowledge and seldom bother to talk to customers about the recovery portion of backup and recovery. Read More

Spectra Logic Partners with Symantec to Deliver Complete Data Protection Solutions from a Single Vendor

OEM Agreement Offers Single Point of Purchasing and Support to Minimize Complexity

BOULDER, Colo.—June 9, 2009 – Spectra Logic has entered into an OEM agreement with Symantec Corp. Spectra Logic now offers Symantec’s award-winning suite of data protection software as an option to its line of innovative tape and disk-based backup and archive solutions.  Spectra Logic can now provide customers a single point of contact for architecting, purchasing, installing and supporting a complete data protection solution that includes both disk and tape. Read More