CapEx, OpEx, Floor Wax, and TFinity

Dear Ms. Meade:
How would an enormous up-front capital expenditure (aka CapEx) for a TFinity reduce my capital expenditures? By definition, reducing CapEx means spending less, but you’re saying if I fork out a lot of money, I’ll spend less? Where is that logic? And reduce my operating expenditures? (OpEx)? TFinity will do all that–is it a toaster and a floor wax, too? Read More

Sun down. Spectra Up

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west — consistently. Like clock-work. It’s a good thing. You can depend on it. Read More

Introducing Spectra TFinity – Welcome to Infinite Possibilities

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Spectra Logic Corporation.  We’ve evolved over the years from an AIT-only shop, to a half-inch player, to… well, I’m getting to that.  As part of our celebration, we’re also announcing the most ambitious, market-moving, storage changing endeavor we’ve ever undertaken…  No.  We’re not buying Sun. Read More

Is tape at its inflection point?

Is tape dead?
This question continues to spur conversations that won’t seem to die. The industry, and primarily the disk players, continue to look for tape’s signs of life or demise and yet the market it still a multi-billion-dollar business – with more relevance now than in the last decade— according to Enterprise Strategy Group’s Mark Peters. Read More

Pay Attention

The Oracle says the Sun isn’t setting in the west?    Right.    I doubt the earth’s rotation is going to change any time soon to make that statement factual. Fortunately, the twilight that’s fast approaching for much of Sun STK’s legacy tape hardware and the customers who own it will hasten the dawn of a new day in tape automation for much of the tape storage market. Read More

Data Breaches Resurface in the Headlines

It seems like not a week goes by without a story hitting the headlines about sensitive customer data being compromised in one way or another. If it’s not a laptop getting lost it’s a handheld device getting left in a taxi – in fact nowadays you can just pop onto Ebay to buy the bank details of a million or so people . These breaches of security are damaging for the corporations involved and extremely disconcerting for the people whose personal details are compromised, but they also raise serious questions about how companies protect data once it leaves the corporate network. Read More