Channel Bling: a Year in Review

Spectra just closed out our best fiscal year in the company’s history and launched into Fiscal Year 2011 in July! We owe this in large part to our channel partners, an ever growing set of storage integrators dedicated to the Spectra brand. And of course to the channel marketing team, a team that continues to impress with their dedication and creativity in working with our partners. Obviously I’m not afraid to brag, so here goes. In the past year the channel marketing team added well over a dozen new programs, we won a 5-Star Partner Program award from Everything Channel, and were recognized across the board in marketing and technical leadership awards. Read More

Ohio State University Selects Spectra Logic Tape Library to Enhance Performance And Mitigate Downtime Risk

Spectra T380 with BlueScale 11 Software Chosen for its Proactive Library Management

BOULDER, Colo.—June 29, 2010—Spectra Logic, celebrating 30 years of data storage innovation, announced today thatOhio State University’s Office of University Communications selected a Spectra® T380 tape library with BlueScale™ 11 software.  The tape library is being used to back up 50TB of creative and varied media-rich data such as high-definition videos for public service announcements (PSAs), TV and scoreboard shots and student recruitment.  With the addition of the T380 the University was able to meet its budget and increase its storage management efficiency while supporting “green” IT initiatives and reducing costly space requirements. Read More

Spectra Logic Ships LTO-5 Drives and Media in TSeries Tape Libraries

Delivers Increased Density, Capacity, Performance and Energy Efficiency for Modern Data Centers

=&0=&Spectra Logic, celebrating 30 years of data storage innovation, announced today thatit is now shipping LTO-5 drives and Spectra certified LTO-5 media cartridges in its TSeries tape libraries. The increased capacity and throughput rates of LTO-5 combined with the small footprint and low power requirements of Spectra Logic’s tape libraries provide customers with the best storage density and energy efficiency available in a tape library today.=&1=& per tape lets customers manage growing data storage more cost effectively. Spectra TSeries tape library capacity options now scale from an entry point of 15 TB up to 180 PB of native storage. ·=&2=& to each drive allows streamed data throughput to Spectra libraries, optimizes the use of back-up windows and allows faster data archive. Spectra TSeries tape libraries now can deliver over 240TB/hour of uncompressed throughput into the tape archive. ·=&3=& offers seamless access to archive and backup data on tape and smooth integration of new higher performance interface standards. The backward compatibility ensures that data that was written up to five years ago can easily interface with contemporary and higher-density formats. ·=&4=&Media Lifecycle Management (MLM)offers tape media and data integrity verification to ensure data integrity.   ·=&6=&minimize data center power consumption to meet budgetary and compliance needs. LTO-5 offers a 40 percent reduction in idle power consumption over LTO-4 technology. ·=&4=&BlueScale encryption with key managementstandard edition is included for free with all LTO libraries. Data encryption in TSeries offers a fast, reliable and affordable encryption solution that minimizes the risk of data loss and subsequent legal and publicity implications. ·=&9=&that extends through LTO-8 provides confidence that archive and backup data that will be securely stored for many years to support long term storage requirements. Spectra Logic launched its industry exclusive LTO-5 pre-purchase program in September 2009 to provide the benefits of LTO-5 to existing customers. This program allowed customers to purchase LTO-4 drives and exchange them for LTO-5 drives once available, providing investment protection and a guaranteed technology refresh.

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More Storage Space, Please

I am amazed at how easy it is for people to consume all of their available storage space—and how quickly we can do it.  Just looking at my own storage situation, it is remarkable how much “stuff” I have to store; a snow blower, coolers, lots of car parts, bike parts, camping gear and who knows what else.   My old storage shed was recently hit by a tree, so I had to replace it this month.  I purchased the biggest one allowed by city zoning regulations, and already…. I realize I should have gone bigger.  Read More