Product Reliability: What is the Holy Grail?

I hate when things break.  Not only is it often costly, but it is always time consuming and frustrating.  So, product reliability is very important to me and I suspect most people feel the same way.    Read More

Federal Buying Season Year-End Tips for Buying Storage

It’s that time of the year again. Federal IT administrators are sorting through fall-out funds, small business set asides and overall budgets in a mad race to refresh their data centers with new equipment—all by September 30. Here are a few tips to consider as your year end approaches.
1. Stock up. With extra budget in arms length, it’s a great time to replenish your supply of tapes and drives. It’s a great idea to be prepared in the case of a drive failure or media corruption. Spectra Logic Federal reserves tapes and drives during this time specifically to meet federal buying season needs.
2. Get faster and store more with LTO-5. LTO-5 drives and media are available, and we’ve seen high adoption rates and easy, smooth integration in the field. LTO-3 users can now enjoy a 3.75x increase in tape capacity and a 1.75x increase in throughput on LTO-5; and LTO-4 customers can almost double their tape capacity while enjoying blazing transfer rates up to 1TB/hour compressed to/from tape, all by migrating to LTO-5.
3. Revisit your disaster recovery plan. At the end of a calendar year, we set a New Year’s Resolution. In that spirit, the end of Federal buying season is a good time to revisit, test and revise your DR plan. Planning and preparation is the best advocate to support your continuity of operations (COOP) initiatives.
4. Add Spectra to your wish list. Spectra Logic is classified as a small business, and twenty percent of our overall corporate revenue is generated by Federal customers in more than 200 agencies. Our backup and archive products are manufactured in the USA. We have been listed in the top 10 percent of revenue generators on GSA contract #47QTCA20D0064 for three consecutive years, and were recently granted a 5-year contract extension (see our recent press release). In addition to GSA, Spectra Logic is also listed several other federal purchasing contracts, including SEWP, NetCents and ITES-2H, among others.
Spectra knows the challenges that Federal IT administrators face and is here to work with you to create the best backup and archiving plan to meet your agency’s unique needs.  Further questions? Contact me directly at  Read More

Spectra Develops the Latin American Market

Beginning in FY10 (July 2009) Spectra began its foray into the Latin American market, which includes Mexico, Central America, and South America. Prior to this, Spectra had a few clients only in Mexico, most notably Mexico's major oil exploration and processing company. Read More

Green storage and TFinity

I recently had the honour of getting on stage at the Storage Awards 2010 to collect the gong for Green Storage Product of the Year, awarded to the TFinity. The award win wasn’t the first for Spectra Logic over the last few months, but I’m not here to crow about our success (well, maybe just a little). Read More

Channel Bling: a Year in Review

Spectra just closed out our best fiscal year in the company’s history and launched into Fiscal Year 2011 in July! We owe this in large part to our channel partners, an ever growing set of storage integrators dedicated to the Spectra brand. And of course to the channel marketing team, a team that continues to impress with their dedication and creativity in working with our partners. Obviously I’m not afraid to brag, so here goes. In the past year the channel marketing team added well over a dozen new programs, we won a 5-Star Partner Program award from Everything Channel, and were recognized across the board in marketing and technical leadership awards. Read More

Ohio State University Selects Spectra Logic Tape Library to Enhance Performance And Mitigate Downtime Risk

Spectra T380 with BlueScale 11 Software Chosen for its Proactive Library Management

BOULDER, Colo.—June 29, 2010—Spectra Logic, celebrating 30 years of data storage innovation, announced today thatOhio State University’s Office of University Communications selected a Spectra® T380 tape library with BlueScale™ 11 software.  The tape library is being used to back up 50TB of creative and varied media-rich data such as high-definition videos for public service announcements (PSAs), TV and scoreboard shots and student recruitment.  With the addition of the T380 the University was able to meet its budget and increase its storage management efficiency while supporting “green” IT initiatives and reducing costly space requirements. Read More