Tape and Disk Unite

Views held by tape and disk users are sometimes as divergent as those between dog owners and cat lovers.  Unlike the often disastrous mix of cats and dogs under one roof, however, the side-by-side deployment of disk and tape in a single data center can be very beneficial. Read More

50 TB per Tape –Imagine Disk in the Future

Dear Ms. Meade:

Did you read about the recent breakthrough[1]in tape technology—up to 50 TB per LTO tape? I was also “excited about the recently announced 3TB Seagate hard[2] drive, but if tape devices can go to 50TB imagine what kind of hard drives we'll have in a few years time.” Read More

Deduplication: A Personality Analysis

I just finished re-reading Keith Schultz’s recent article, which is a test lab review of three different deduplication appliances on the market today.  Spectra nTier Deduplication was one of the three. I always like to read reviews about my products, especially when they are positive.  If you have not read it, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but will tell you that InfoWorld found that all the systems……. worked.  As much as I wish my deduplication appliance was the only one that worked, I must remain honest.  Most, if not all, mainstream deduplication solutions carry out their primary goal:  reducing your data.    Read More

America Tecnologia to Resell Spectra Logic Archive and Backup Products in Brazil

Spectra’s Products are the Perfect Complement to América Tecnologia’s Portfolio

São Paulo, SP, Brazil—<22/09/2010>—América Tecnologia announced today thatit has joined Spectra Logic’s SpectraEDGE Channel Partner Program.  As a SpectraEDGE channel partner, América Tecnologia now offers Spectra’s tape- and disk-based archive, backup and disaster recovery solutions to its customers throughout Brazil. Read More

Who Cares About a Green Data Center?

Who cares about a green data center?

Really?  Not in the negative sense as in, “Who the heck cares about a green data center?” but in the simple sense of, “Who is it exactly that cares about reducing power consumption in the data center?”  Read More

Aesop said, "Tape ain’t dead!"

In Aesop’s fable a boy cried wolf and wasn’t believed.  The same can be said for those naysayers who’ve been preaching that, “Tape’s dead.”  What on earth are they thinking? Read More

2010: The Stars Align, and What’s Ahead in 2011

Spectra Logic was recently honored with an innovative product award for our TFinity tape library. As I stood up to accept our award — the 4th product award this year for the TFinity — it struck me just what a year it has been. Going into fiscal 2010, we knew we were very well positioned against our competitors. We were set to release the TFinity,  we were leading in tape technology innovations due to steadfast R&D investments, and our archive and backup solutions were continuing to gain traction and market share. But fiscal 2010 turned out better than even I had imagined as the stars perfectly aligned for Spectra Logic.   Read More

Product Reliability: What is the Holy Grail?

I hate when things break.  Not only is it often costly, but it is always time consuming and frustrating.  So, product reliability is very important to me and I suspect most people feel the same way.    Read More