Spectra Logic Federal Joins General Dynamics EDGE Innovation Network

by Mark Weis, VP of Spectra Logic Federal

Spectra recently joined General Dynamics EDGE® Innovation Network, a collaborative, open-environment initiative enabling industry and academia, with government input, to work together to enhance the delivery cycle of new technologies and innovative capabilities to warfighters and first responders. Currently, there are several projects in development at six EDGE Innovation centers worldwide. The projects are intended to improve and enhance warfighter capabilities. Read More

Spectra Logic Rolls out T50e Tape Library Promotion

Come celebrate the start of 2011 with us at Spectra Logic.  To kick off the new calendar year, we are offering a Spectra T50e pricing special that is good for a limited time only.  The T50e offers entry-level and mid-market customers powerful library management functionality including  highly reliable tape backup and archive with complete Lifecycle Management, increased security through our integrated BlueScale Encryption, and a range of support options to complement their requirements.  In fact, thanks to our built-in BlueScale management software that ranges across our entire tape library family, the T50e offers all of Spectra’s rich features that competing libraries typically only offer to enterprise customers. Read More

Odd to Outrageous

First, the odd.  The enormous ball of tape (blessed by the Guinness Book of World Records, a marvelous device with which to level your desk) that EMC stuck in a London hotel lobby is the biggest ball of tape ever (2 meters across). Read More

Today’s Positive Tape Trends are No Surprise to Spectra Logic

I recently read Henry Newman's blog announcing his top 10 storage predictions on Enterprise Storage Forum. He summarized 2010 in two words: stagnation and consolidation. While this may have been true for some companies, Spectra Logic experienced quite the opposite. We invested in innovation and accelerated deployment of the TFinity tape library. We significantly grew our customer base, unit sales and revenues. We remained self-funded, debt-free and privately-held. Based on the tape innovations and technology advancements that we have brought to market, we knew that tape was poised to reign supreme. Read More

Zombie Watch: Resolution for 2011

Ms. Meade resolves to track the zombie threat across 2011. By that, of course, we mean the zombie technology that in spite of frequent declarations of death, just won’t die. This technology: tape (what a surprise). Other technologies may be added to the list, but in the meantime, let’s examine the zombie index on tape technology. Read More

Backup to Archive

The good folks at IDC published a white paper in March 2010 regarding the ROI of data backup and recovery using de-duplication.  Nice paper.  One could spend time picking nits regarding methodologies used in this analysis or any other, but I’d rather focus on the “Challenges and Opportunities” highlighted by the authors on page 13 of the paper. Read More