Part 1: Why Tape Rolls On – Security

Security (n.) Safety. Freedom from worry. Protection. (From Merriam Webster)

Famed bank robber Willie Sutton, when asked why he robbed banks, was quoted as saying, “Because that’s where the money is.”  Today, the money is in the information.  Safeguarding information from deliberate criminal or destructive acts and inadvertent system problems is crucial.  Tape plays a valuable role in delivering that safety. Read More

News Flash: Spectra Initiates Storage Crisis Lifeline to Help Customers Affected by Hurricane Irene

by Brian Grainger, VP of Worldwide Sales

As Spectra Logic's customers along Hurricane Irene’s path prepare to protect their homes and families, our team is ramping up to support their business operations wherever possible by initiating our Storage Crisis Lifeline program today. We first introduced this program in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina.  Spectra Logic's Global Technical Support Center team is available around the clock to assist any of our customers impacted by the hurricane.  Support will be provided to customers after business hours and during weekends, regardless of the Service Level Agreement or support contract covering their damaged tape library, to help organizations restore data and restart operations as quickly as possible. Read More

Spectra Logic Posts Record Results and 30 Percent Year-over-Year Revenue Growth for Fiscal 2011

Spectra’s Enterprise Tape Libraries Achieve 49 Percent Revenue Growth in Fiscal 2011

BOULDER, Colo.—August 23, 2011—Spectra Logic, celebrating more than 30 years of data storage innovation, today announced record revenue and profitability results for fiscal year 2011, which ended June 30. Company revenue increased 30 percent and Spectra’s enterprise tape libraries posted revenue growth of 49 percent year-over-year for fiscal 2011. Spectra Logic also posted record profitability and revenue for each quarter of fiscal year 2011, and marked its fifth consecutive year of profitable growth. Spectra’s strong momentum reflects growing market demand for tape-based active archive, backup, compliance and disaster recovery solutions.    Read More

Airplane Talk

As I was bouncing around the country once again, I struck up a conversation with a complete stranger sitting next to me on the plane, which is my usual modus operandi.  Without knowing what industry I work in, he brought up the term "high performance computing" within the first minute of our friendly exchange.  Come to find out, the gentleman is a defense attorney to helicopter pilots involved in crashes.  Read More

The Best? By Any Other Name, Is Still?The BEST

Storage admins have heard the same vendor pitches over and over and over. And let’s admit it, repetition in any job is just boring. I am lucky to be in a channel marketing role where I can hear what hundreds of storage solution providers are doing to make product positioning both relevant and interesting. And some of them do it really well. Read More

Rethinking Storage with Big Data

The annual Spectra sales kick off meeting just wrapped up.  I am working on getting this entry done before I leave for a week’s vacation.  It was an interesting few days of discussions and presentations.  There were a lot of outside speakers this year, really adding to the variety of topics and viewpoints.  Read More

Trade Show Wish List? An Event Managers Perspective

I recently returned from ISC 2011 in Hamburg, Germany the last ‘large’ trade show that Spectra Logic attended during our 2011 fiscal year. It seems I’ve been all over the world during our last FY – Las Vegas, San Diego, Amsterdam, Hamburg, New Orleans…the list goes on… Read More