The Best? By Any Other Name, Is Still?The BEST

Storage admins have heard the same vendor pitches over and over and over. And let’s admit it, repetition in any job is just boring. I am lucky to be in a channel marketing role where I can hear what hundreds of storage solution providers are doing to make product positioning both relevant and interesting. And some of them do it really well. Read More

Rethinking Storage with Big Data

The annual Spectra sales kick off meeting just wrapped up.  I am working on getting this entry done before I leave for a week’s vacation.  It was an interesting few days of discussions and presentations.  There were a lot of outside speakers this year, really adding to the variety of topics and viewpoints.  Read More

Trade Show Wish List? An Event Managers Perspective

I recently returned from ISC 2011 in Hamburg, Germany the last ‘large’ trade show that Spectra Logic attended during our 2011 fiscal year. It seems I’ve been all over the world during our last FY – Las Vegas, San Diego, Amsterdam, Hamburg, New Orleans…the list goes on… Read More

What could you buy for the cost to power an archive?

Between ESG and Clipper Group, one can generate an interesting discussion about the opportunity costs of powering archive storage on tape versus doing so on disk.  With the power savings available from tape archives, you could buy a lot of stuff. Read More