?Why I?m Thankful?for Big Data Storage?

We should all be Thankful as “Big Data” improves storage for everyone.

It’s the beginning of the Holiday season, with Thanksgiving travel in full swing.  I’ll be getting 10 hours of windshield time shortly, as I’m headed to see family. Read More

CERN Evaluates Spectra Logic Tape Technology to Store Large Hadron Collider Research Data

BOULDER, Colo.—November 21, 2011—Spectra Logic, celebrating more than 30 years of data storage innovation, announced today that CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is evaluating  Spectra Logic tape library technology. Spectra® TSeries tape libraries were installed in CERN’s laboratory in July to store data copies from its Large Hadron Collider (LHC) multi-national scientific project. CERN will migrate LHC data from a Spectra® T380 tape library to a Spectra TFinity, using CERN’s Advanced STORage manager (CASTOR) for hierarchical storage management. Read More

Why Tape Rolls On: Reliability

Reliability: (adv.) the extent to which an experiment, test, or measuring procedure yields the same results on repeated trials.  Dependable.  Sure.  Trustworthy.  (From our friends at Merriam-Webster). And there’s a picture of tape next to the definition.  Ok, so maybe the picture statement was a stretch, but associating the definition of reliability with tape definitely is not. Read More

Part 3: Why Tape Rolls On ? Speed

Speed (n.) Swiftness. Rapidity. Rate of motion or performance. (from Merriam Webster)

A trade show participant once told me he didn’t use tape because, “…it wasn’t fast enough”.  When asked how fast he needed to move data he said he needed to move it at about 200 MB/s for his backup purposes.  Furthermore, he believed only disk was fast enough to deliver.  When told a single LTO-4 tape drive could stream data at 120 MB/s and only 2 drives were needed to meet his requirement, he was shocked.  Unfortunately, his perception of tape is not exceptional given the marketing dollars spent “educating the masses” about the speed of disk versus tape. Read More

Spectra Logic Federal?s State of the Union

by Mark Weis

You are approaching the end of federal buying season (tips here) just as Spectra Logic is wrapping up a record 2011 fiscal year (our CEO’s comments are here.) As a company, we achieved 30 percent overall growth and 49 percent growth in enterprise tape sales. Now is a good time for my annual State of the Union address- to relay what end users are reporting from the field, and share why Spectra Logic Federal revenues grew an astronomical 42 percent over this same time period last year. This combination will supply insight to the healthy contribution that Federal has made to the company’s recent achievements. Read More