Disaster Recovery Planning Does Not Equal Ransomware Recovery

By Tony Mendoza,
Senior IT Director, Spectra Logic

As you may know, Spectra was hit by ransomware in May 2020.   We’ve chosen to be transparent about the attack to help as many organizations as possible understand how to recognize, withstand and recover from an attack, all while maintaining business continuity and rejecting ransomware payoffs.  Read More

Taking Action against Climate Change by Reducing CO2 Emissions with Eco-Friendly Tape Systems

By Rich Gadomski,
Head of Tape Evangelism, FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc.

In early August of this year a United Nations panel called the “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)” issued a new report, the Sixth Assessment Report, on climate change and global warming. You can explore the lengthy and technical full report here. But in short, a few key headline statements from the report include: Read More

Celebrating a New Partnership: Optimizing Storage Lifecycle Management. Together.

By Jonathan Adler
Chief Marketing Officer, OpenDrives

OpenDrives is deeply committed to helping our customers outperform. From our first product onward, which was a solution that our founders created to solve their own storage problems in a data-intensive industry, we’ve brought to market high-performance storage solutions that enable our users to unleash their organization’s full potential. Whether our customers need data storage that’s fast, flexible, scalable, dependable, or easy to deploy and manage, we deliver capabilities that go well beyond their expectations. We know that if we do this, then our customers can do more, accomplish more, and exceed their own organizational goals. But here’s a little secret—we haven’t always done this alone. Read More

3 Big Takeaways from the Fujifilm and IBM 580TB Tape Demonstration

By Rich Gadomski,
Head of Tape Evangelism, FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc.

In mid-December, Fujifilm issued a press release to announce that, together with IBM Research, they had successfully achieved a record areal density of 317 Gbpsi (billion bits per square inch) on next-generation magnetic tape coated with next- generation Strontium Ferrite (SrFe) magnetic particles. This areal density achievement would yield an amazing native storage capacity of 580TB on a standard-sized data cartridge. That’s almost 50 times more capacity than what we have now with an LTO-8 tape based on Barium Ferrite (BaFe) at 12TB native. Read More

Evaluator Group Testing of Spectra Logic StorCycle

by Randy Kerns
Senior Strategist & Analyst, Evaluator Group

Due to many factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, professionals in Information Technology have been focused on optimizing their environments and reducing expenses. Recent strategic projects with our IT clients have provided new insights into the current needs and methods for achieving maximum efficiency. One approach is the process of identifying inactive or project-based data that resides on primary storage and moving it to less costly secondary storage such as object storage, NAS systems, cloud storage, or tape. Cost savings were not only from reducing the need to purchase additional primary storage resulting from the recovery of capacity freed up by moving the inactive data but also in the cost for data protection of unchanging data. Read More

Tape Robot Provides Data Storage Solutions for the Next Decade

What do you do when you need to increase the space available for storing vast amounts of data? One solution is to install a high-capacity automated tape library or ‘Tape Robot’.

​STFC’s Scientific Computing Department (SCD) needed to increase its capacity for storing and managing the vast and ever-growing amounts of data from the JASMIN Facility1 (environment and climate data) and through IRIS ​2 (astronomy, particle physics, and data from national facilities such as ISIS Neutron Source, Diamond Light Source and the Central Laser Facility). Read More

New Storage System Boosts Efficiency to Better Preserve OLCF User Data

High Performance Storage HPC Storage device image

by Elizabeth Rosenthal
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Results from supercomputer simulations will reside in modernized tape library

Tape recorders and videocassette tapes may be considered archaic in the entertainment industry, but magnetic tape storage remains one of the most durable, secure, and cost-effective ways to archive big data generated by supercomputers. Read More

Spectra Tape Air Gap Fights Cybercrime

by Fred Moore
President, Horison Information Strategies

The changing landscape of the data protection industry has evolved from backing up data to providing recovery from hardware and network failures, software bugs, and human errors, as well as fighting a mounting wave of cybercrime. Over the years, reliability and resiliency level of hardware and software have significantly improved. Cybercrime, however, has now become a bigger threat to data protection than accidental deletion, bit rot or drive failure. And the stakes are getting higher as anonymous cyber criminals seek to profit from the valuable digital data of others. With a ceasefire in the cybercrime war unlikely, we are witnessing the convergence of data protection and cybersecurity to counter rapidly growing cybercrime threats, including ransomware. Read More