StorCycle’s New Data Storage Savings Calculator – How to Take It for a Spin

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Every now and then, a software release rolls out that includes a new feature so exciting that the feature itself has to be called out on its own. That’s the case for StorCycle’s new data storage savings calculator, which is part of StorCycle 3.1, the latest release of Spectra’s storage lifecycle management software. So, what makes this feature so compelling?

Well, for one thing, the new data storage savings calculator enables end users to gain insight into their organization’s data, including less frequently accessed data that tends to hide out on expensive primary storage. From there, the feature calculates the potential cost savings an IT professional would realize if they moved much of their organization’s less active data off of expensive primary storage to more suitable and less costly storage targets for long-term data access and protection. In a nutshell, the StorCycle data storage savings calculator helps IT professionals make smarter decisions by providing them with both data and cost-saving insights so they can better manage their IT infrastructures and budgets.

So how do IT professionals try out the new feature? By working with Spectra or a Spectra solutions provider, an end user can download StorCycle for free. Once installed on their network, StorCycle’s new data storage savings calculator analyzes both the age and size of their data. Then, based on storage costs provided by the end users themselves, the cost savings for moving inactive data to more economical storage targets are calculated. Upgrading to a full StorCycle software license is as easy as purchasing a license key.

StorCycle offers IT professionals the ability to help their organizations achieve far greater IT and budgetary efficiencies. Interoperable with Linux or Windows, StorCycle scans primary storage for inactive files and completed projects and migrates them to a lower cost tier of storage, called the Perpetual Tier, which includes any combination of cloud storage, object storage disk, network-attached storage (NAS) and object storage tape.

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