40 Years of Spectra Logic: A Look Back at Spectra’s Most Memorable Moments

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This month marked our 40th anniversary at Spectra Logic. Last week, we shared a wonderful video featuring Spectra customers, partners, friends and family congratulating us on our four decades of business success. Anniversaries are a time to celebrate where we come from and how we’ve changed. Check out some of our most memorable moments captured over the last four decades.

Above, Spectra CEO, Nathan Thompson, who has led the company from its inception in 1979 to the present, works hard to start his own business as a student at the University of Colorado Boulder.



Taken in 1986, the photo depicts Spectra’s first corporate headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, when the company was called Western Automation.






Now, an image of our current corporate offices in north Boulder.





It’s not just our offices that have changed over the years. Here is an image of our first tradeshow display, from 1997.

Next, one of our more recent booth designs from 2019.

Spectra Logic’s continued technology development includes over 120 patents, 19 of which are held by Nathan himself. Spectra’s broad data storage accomplishments have helped to fuel the Colorado economy for four decades, advancing technology innovation and the IT industry by delivering best-in-class solutions that help customers better store, manage, access, share and preserve their invaluable data for the long term.

“We have worked with Spectra Logic for over a decade using Spectra’s TFinity library,” said David Chan, Senior Project Manager at ASRC Federal Inuteq. “As a leading provider of next-generation IT services to various government agencies, we’re always seeking to leverage the most advanced solutions. Spectra Logic continues to innovate and create solutions that enable efficiencies and access to our important data. Congratulations to Nathan and the Spectra Team on an impressive 40 years.”

In 2016, Spectra CEO Nathan Thompson authored a book, along with colleagues Bob Cone and John Kranz, titled “Society’s Genome: Genetic Diversity’s Role in Data Preservation” on the lessons of nature in addressing civilization’s unquenchable thirst for information and our need to find genetically diverse methods to preserve it for generations to come.  The book was launched at the iconic Boulder Bookstore with a featured presentation from Nathan detailing the “why” behind the book and providing signed copies of Society’s Genome from Nathan.

In 2018, the company introduced the world’s largest single storage system in 2018 called the TFinity ExaScale, an enterprise-class tape library that can store more than 2 exabytes of data. The TFinity’s success emphatically reaffirms tape technology’s vital role as a storage medium, underlining its permanence and capacity in the field. The picture below shows the TFinity installed at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility.

To honor Spectra’s 40 years of business success, which has helped to fuel the Colorado economy, stimulate employment and advance technology innovation, Colorado Governor Jared Polis proclaimed August 1, 2019 as SPECTRA LOGIC DAY in the State of Colorado. Spectra CEO Nathan Thompson made the official announcement to Spectra’s worldwide employee base in a company meeting that same day. Click here to view the full proclamation.

What comes after 40 years of success? Forty more years of innovation and success, of course.  We look forward to building this future together.