2019 Bring Your Child to Work Day at Spectra Spelled Fun for Everyone

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Once a year, the children of the Spectra Logic team get a glimpse into what their parents do while they are at work. At this year’s Spectra Bring Your Child to Work Day, more than 50 kids attended and were treated to a day of education and memorable experiences. In addition to learning about what their parents do at Spectra, the children enjoyed many exciting activities at the company’s Boulder headquarters. Needless to say, it was a lively day! The annual event is organized by Spectra’ SUMMIT, a women-led organization within Spectra Logic that fosters an enhanced culture of diversity at the company. Many Spectra employees volunteer to help generate ideas and run activities. Below are a few highlights from the event.

The kids started the day posing as ‘future CEOs’ in the office of Spectra’s CEO Nathan Thompson.

They spent the rest of their morning creating and designing custom tape library panels, a unique product offering for which Spectra has become very well known. Spectra’s design team outlined striking template images for the children to color.  Kids who felt inspired could also let their imaginations run free and create their own original designs on blank canvases and on the side of a tape library. Kids also tried their hand at drawing a new logo for Spectra – an activity which has become a hallmark of the event.

Children drawing new logos showing Spectra Logic's Culture

After lunch, Spectra got a visit from Tyrone the parrot, and the kids took part in a Boulder Fire and Police Department Safety Training in the parking lot. They had a great time seeing a SWAT vehicle and fire truck, and operating a real-life fire truck hose!

For the remainder of the afternoon, kids got to choose from many options, including engineering activities, candy car assembly, coding, or shadowing their parents at work. Typical Spectra employee pastimes like pinball were also available. To conclude the day, the kids enjoyed cotton candy at the Spectra Café.

National ‘Bring your Child to Work Day’ is observed every year on the fourth Thursday in April. This annual event is an educational program in the United States and Canada. Spectra is proud to participate in this program and create a welcoming atmosphere for our employees and their children.

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