The 2019 NAB Show Buzz – Ideas to Follow Post-Conference

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Another eventful NAB Show is behind us. Once again, the media and entertainment masses ascended upon warm Las Vegas to attend the industry’s largest tradeshow, the National Association of Broadcasters, to learn about new technologies and trends, in the hopes of gaining a leg up on the competition. There were four main buzzes in the Spectra Logic booth to be noted: Cloud, BlackPearl, migration and integration.


Everyone is all about the cloud, and it was no different at NAB. So what exactly is it? Plain and simple, its hosting. Cloud is someone else hosting your applications, your computing your storage, etc., on a device somewhere else via https.  Essentially, it means users don’t have to own hardware or physical space to accommodate processing or storage. Including cloud as part of a hybrid storage strategy is commonplace today. Spectra’s BlackPearl hybrid storage ecosystem accommodates cloud mandates by creating a storage environment that stores content both locally, on-premise, as well as in the public cloud. The mix of storing assets on-premise and in the public cloud provides layers of protection for content and the most effective means to accessing assets affordably when they are needed.

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The Spectra buzz. In the Spectra booth, conversations were all about migration and storage. No matter how you slice it, content is king, storage is a necessity and users have to find a safe means to protect their assets. This year, Spectra announced enhancements to BlackPearl that make moving content to storage easier than before, with Spectra RioBroker. Spectra RioBroker is a software front-end to Spectra’s BlackPearl Converged Storage System, an object storage platform that moves content seamlessly and economically into disk, tape and cloud. The software makes integration with asset management systems easy, meaning the flexibility around BlackPearl has increased exponentially. With Spectra RioBroker, the BlackPearl now includes enterprise-level high availability*, partial file recall, file transfer protocol capabilities, ultra-high performance with clustering capabilities* and seamless content migration from legacy storage software to the modern BlackPearl architecture.


At NAB Show, Spectra announced a handful of new BlackPearl client integrations including Tiger Technology’s Tiger Bridge, Imagine Communications’ Nexio Motion, GLOOKAST, Marquis PostFlux for Adobe Premiere, axle ai, as well as expanded its broad support to Avid environments including Avid’s MediaCentral Cloud UX platform. These additional integrations mean that no matter the use case or workflow, Spectra’s BlackPearl can fit into and integrate seamlessly to your environment.


Moving away from costly HSMs that store content in proprietary formats was at the top of end-user conversations in the Spectra booth. Migrating to Spectra BlackPearl from legacy storage systems has never been easier. BlackPearl provides seamless non-disruptive migration to an open format, cost-effective content storage on multiple tiers, including BlackPearl NAS, ArcticBlue object-based disk, LTFS tape and  public cloud. With flexible policies that accommodate ever-changing workflows, BlackPearl consolidates sites, enables geographic distribution and provides enterprise-level high availability.

Spectra Logic has specialized in storage for 40 years – we know it inside and out. Over the years, we’ve provided thousands of users with storage solutions to safely and affordably keep their digital assets. Learn more about our award-winning industry solutions here.

*Available in future release of Spectra RioBroker