Spectra Associates Educate Students on Life and Business Skills

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Spectra professionals spent a day teaching business basics to elementary school children as part of the Junior Achievement program.  Here are four of the Spectra mentors from left to right: Christa Marsh, Ponemany Yang, Katie Wulliman and Valerie Miller.

On March 11, 2019, Spectra volunteers spent a day at Eisenhower Elementary School in Boulder teaching kids through the Junior Achievement Program.  In particular, Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, Inc. (JA) is part of the world’s largest organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. The Program’s mission fosters work readiness, entrepreneurship and achievement skills in young students.

Several Spectra professionals taught the full-day lessons to second, third and fifth graders. Members of Spectra’s Summit, which is a leadership group for women, and the Spectra Learning and Development crew, covered modules in such areas as tax education, money strategies, free market trade and entrepreneurship. During the discussions, many children also shared their career dreams and goals with their classmates.

Spectra associates enjoyed the volunteer experience, reflecting on how engaged and attentive the students were. Pupils and teachers also expressed gratitude to Spectra for the visit.  Below are a few teacher comments.

“Thank you so much!  …It was so valuable.  I was impressed with their (the kids’) plans for the future as well.  I hope they do great things, but most of all, I hope they develop their growth mindset and sense of grit!  You really emphasized the value of hard work and tenacity.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful Junior Achievement day.  You guys were great and my class had such a fun day.  I really appreciate all that you did to make this day such a success. Your time and efforts are so appreciated!”