Spectra Logic’s Customer Reference Program

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Spectra Logic’s Customer Reference Program (CRP) is comprised of an elite community of Spectra customers – IT experts who rely on Spectra to help them protect their valuable data. Spectra brings additional value to its customers through marketing initiatives and public relations activities that showcase their leadership acumen in technological deployments that both enhance their business efficiencies and preserve their data for the long term.

Many Spectra customers participate in a variety of CRP activities, some of which are outlined below. Occasionally, technology and channel partners also participate in webinars, case studies and press releases.


Spectra Customer Reference Program Case Study ImageCase Studies

Case studies highlight how organizations solved their pressing IT and data storage challenges with the deployment of new technology. These case studies can generate visibility and recognition for the featured business. Spectra’s team will work with customers to develop the story and obtain their final approval prior to publication.


Press Releases and Interviews

Opportunities to share a case study or partner news through a press release and/or press briefings may arise. Spectra will write the press release based on the case study and partner resources, and obtain the customer or partner’s final approval before any distribution or press outreach.



Quotes and testimonials can be used in a variety of activities to increase exposure and publicity for a company. Spectra’s team will draft the quote or testimonial based on real input and obtain the source’s final approval prior to public distribution. Smaller-scale activities like quote and logo usage demand minimal time investment while still enabling increased exposure and visibility.


Click here to learn more about Spectra Logic’s CRP options, and for in-depth descriptions of each of our customer activities.

Spectra Logic has worked with a number of customers from different fields to complete CRP activities. Some notable CRP initiatives in the last year include:

For more information about Spectra Logic’s Customer Reference Program, click here. If you have any questions, want to learn more or are ready to get involved, contact a CRP team member here. We look forward to hearing from you!