What Makes Spectra Logic’s Support Exceptional?

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Expanded array of tape library support options assures performance and uptime.

Spectra Logic understands the impact that lack of data-access may have on a business. That Data Protection Support with SpectraGuardis why our SpectraGuard global support department is continually evaluating and making improvements to its infrastructure and service capabilities. We want to be able to effectively address the changing needs of our growing and diverse customer base. To maintain the satisfaction levels of our loyal customer base and our incoming stream of new customers, Spectra’s support team continuously enhances field service and support, staff training, technical support and escalation, quality engineering and part logistics processes.

Support Enhancement Highlights:

Technical Account Management Program

We introduced our Technical Account Management Program – SpectraGuard’s personalized support service providing a single point of contact at Spectra who is familiar with the intricacies of your data storage environment. Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your personal advocate within our support organization, accountable to your company for managing and overseeing all technical support activities related to your Spectra product(s). The program offers three different tiers of service, starting with a named technical expert or TAM for personalized problem-resolution assistance and building up to an onsite engineer responsible for handling your data storage operations at the enterprise level. This premium service saves you effort, involvement, and time that could be better spent elsewhere in your data center, allowing you to increase productivity and focus on achieving your core business objectives.

Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM) Platinum

To provide protection for your most critical operations, we announced our latest and most comprehensive self-maintenance support offering this past year –  SpectraGuard ASM Platinum.  ASM Platinum is an industry-exclusive offering that dramatically minimizes loss of productivity and loss of access to data through the immediate ability to replace affected parts, meaning no wait time for parts or people to arrive at your site. ASM Platinum provides customers with a stock of select field replaceable parts onsite, allowing users to complete repairs in minutes with the remote guidance of support personnel. This service offering is complemented with the ability to talk to our technical support department any time of day, while benefitting from the elevated feature set of our Premium Technical Account Management offering.

This service level provides our customers with the flexibility to support their system on their own as they are given the tools, parts and training to be successful. But in the event your team is too busy or the library is in a state that is not easily recoverable, assistance is always available through the TAM, parts delivery, phone support, onsite service, and other tools.

Storage Crisis Lifeline

In light of Hurricane Florence’s severe damages affecting North and South Carolina in September of 2018, Spectra once again offered its Storage Crisis Lifeline to assist any customers impacted by the hurricane. To help organizations restore data and restart operations as quickly as possible, Spectra provided support to customers after business hours and during weekends, regardless of the Service Level Agreement or support contract covering their damaged library. In addition, Spectra also provides loaner equipment and remote or onsite installation to help customer resume operations. Spectra’s Storage Crisis Lifeline benefits are currently available to U.S.-based customers with a documentable “disaster situation” (fire, flood, hurricane, other “act of God”) with Spectra equipment that is damaged beyond the ability to restore.


Understanding the importance of having an extensive training curriculum that allows customers to increase their familiarity and expertise with our products and enable them to better manage their data storage operations, Spectra has expanded its training program. The training program has been revisited and refined to condense it by 40 percent (now just three days instead of five) to save our customers valuable time. Additionally, training is now customized to our customer’s specific products, requirements and schedules – so now users can just train on those products that are a part of their data center solution.  Extensive training is now also available outside the United States in our UK office.

Customer Satisfaction Tracking

In conclusion, what really sets Spectra Logic’s support apart is our attention to the customer. Spectra prioritizes the individual needs of customers above all else. It is the reason customers continue to come back and renew their support contracts and this is reflected in the high scores received in our ongoing surveying of our customer base. Our team strives for the highest customer satisfaction in every interaction. We want SpectraGuard to outperform customers’ expectations to such an extent that it re-establishes their benchmark for customer service.

Our support organization continues to deliver industry-leading levels of service demonstrated through the consistent results we track year after year. Our Tier 1 organization is a technically trained group answering all incoming calls on average within 34 seconds, with 85 percent of calls answered in less than 60 seconds. 95.8 percent of all support tickets opened are then resolved at the Tier 1 level.

At Spectra Logic, we refuse to compromise when it comes to maintaining our customer base of highly satisfied individuals, who value our products and services. Delivering fast response and a comprehensive portfolio of customized services and training opportunities, we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are receiving the support they expect and require. From simple phone support and parts replacement, to complex onsite requirements and focused service account management, we have a support offering to meet the needs of every customer.

For additional information about Spectra Support, visit https://support.spectralogic.com/ or contact us at 1.800.227.4637.

Roberto Bigliani joined Spectra Logic in 2011 and currently serves as the company’s vice president of worldwide service operations. His primary objectives are executing new services strategies and creating new support offerings to keep pace with changing customer needs.