Spectra Logic: A Year in Review

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As we reflect on the past calendar year, Spectra Logic has much to celebrate. We accomplished a lot in 2018, and are looking forward to an even more successful 2019.

Here is a recap of some of our top achievements:

1) Customer Wins: Several major customers deployed Spectra storage solutions in 2018, including the University of South Dakota, the Advanced Computing Center for Research & Education at Vanderbilt University, BFI, ITV and Cisneros Media, to name but a few. Spectra is proud to offer its solutions to prominent organizations across several vertical markets around the globe. Spectra’s focus on modern, forward-looking storage solutions and its commitment to research and development has underpinned its continued success in 2018 in both the high performance computing (HPC) and media and entertainment (M & E) markets.

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2) Technology Advancements: Spectra works closely with customers and ecosystem and channel partners alike to plan, develop and deliver the company’s offerings, bringing forth new opportunities in its largest business segments. In 2018, Spectra introduced a number of exciting technology developments for its family of enterprise tape libraries. The enhancements improve performance, increase uptime and dramatically lower storage costs. Advancements such as Time-Based Access Ordering System (TAOS), which intelligently reorders recalls from LTO tapes to optimize tape mount throughput, and Robotic Zoning, which allocates a library territory for each robot in the dual-robot TFinity ExaScale to improve performance without partitions, are further discussed in technical white papers.

Earlier in the year, Spectra also announced object storage updates to its family of BlackPearl® Converged Storage Systems. The software upgrade introduced several major new enhancements, including object versioning and staging, chunk aggregation, and a host of intelligent object management attributes – all of which were explored in more detail in a subsequent blog.

3) Product Announcements: Spectra announced the world’s largest data storage machine, the TFinity ExaScale, in 2018. When fully populated with IBM® TS1160 tape drives and media, a TFinity ExaScale will store and allow access to more than 2 exabytes (2,000 petabytes) of data. As the leader in delivering innovative data storage solutions for the modern data center, Spectra also expanded its Spectra Certified Media offerings in 2018, providing certified media with CarbideClean® for both LTO and IBM’s TS11XX media.

Data Technology Advancements Tfinity Image
Spectra Logic’s TFinity ExaScale

Furthermore, Spectra launched two new additions to its tape family last year, including the all-new Spectra® Stack, a highly scalable, modular and affordable tape library that allows users to start with a single tape drive and 10 tape slots, growing incrementally as their data needs increase, and the new Spectra® T950v Tape Library, an affordable, entry-level model of the popular high-end Spectra® T950 Tape Library family. The new tape libraries provide both value and functionality for organizations wrestling with growing data sets and shrinking budgets.

4) Awards: Spectra Logic was recognized by a number of prestigious organizations who identified Spectra Logic and our solutions as being at the top of our industry in 2018. Last year’s award lineup includes awards for Storage Product of the Year, Best Storage Security Award and wins for Production Storage and Post-Production Workflow Storage, among others. For a full list of Spectra’s industry awards, click here.

Visit our press room page for a full list of our 2018 announcements.