Spectra Logic Solution for British Film Institute Receives Widespread Media Coverage

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Spectra Logic last month announced that the British Film Institute (BFI), the lead organization for film in the UK, commissioned OvationData to deploy two Spectra® T950 Tape Libraries and two Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage Systems for long-term digital preservation of the UK’s film history, as part of its Unlocking Film Heritage digitization project.

The announcement and case study received widespread media coverage, with many industry and press outlets detailing how Spectra’s non-proprietary and genetically diverse solution will enable the BFI to protect and preserve its valuable digital assets for decades to come, making its archives easily accessible to filmmakers, researchers and the general public.

Below are highlights of recent media coverage that help tell this important story.

How the BFI is Saving Britain’s Film Heritage from Being “Stranded in Analogue” on Computerworld UK. Online Editor Tamlin Magee takes a deep dive into the work the BFI archivists are undertaking in preventing film heritage from being lost in time, as well as the necessary technology, tools and skill sets to meet this challenge.

“We can now put data in and get data out and ask questions about the data,” Stephen McConnachie   explains. “That’s kind of revolutionized our workflow – we are able to build huge pipelines of automations and really fast processes in ways that would have been very expensive before in different models. We’d have to pay companies to build integrations. But now we can do it ourselves.”

BFI Deploys Spectra Logic Tape in PB-Scale Digitisation Project on ComputerWeekly.com. TB, PB, S3, HSM, SDK…want your fill of storage acronyms? Get the storage-centric scoop from Storage Editor Antony Adshead. Find out why the Spectra deployment won out over hierarchical storage management products and learn how the Spectra BlackPearl is purpose-built for unique workflows.

“The Spectra model is a new paradigm. BlackPearl uses RESTful APIs to make storage and retrieval very simple from anywhere on the network, using S3. It standardizes the storage framework with S3 puts and gets and has allowed us to develop our own integrations that can get stuff in and out of tape repositories,” McConnachie commented to ComputerWeekly.com. He said he could not put a monetary figure on cost savings, but avoiding paying for an HSM system had allowed the BFI to buy two Spectra Logic tape libraries rather than one.

BFI Archives the UK’s Film Heritage with Spectra Logic BlackPearl on Digital Media World. The publication hones in on the flexibility and scalability provided by the Spectra BlackPearl, covering aspects of the different workflows and integrations needed for the BFI’s digitization project.

“As well as serving as a portal to a system’s storage architecture, BlackPearl was designed for organizations for which content and long-term integrity are central to their operations, moving data in a straightforward way between primary disk, tape and cloud storage targets,” the article details.

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