Modern Data Solutions Propel Spectra to the Forefront of Media and Entertainment Storage

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By Hossein ZiaShakeri, Spectra senior vice president of business development & strategic alliances

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing market where technology shifts with priorities and business models, there exists tremendous confusion and industry consolidation. It is crucial for media and entertainment (M & E) entities to adapt to the fast-paced market to remain on top, keep a competitive edge and stay successful. Re-evaluating one’s strategies and looking forward is essential – hence the phrase ‘adapt or die’. To stay relevant, entertainment businesses must be agile, efficient, and innovative in the way that they produce, store, manage, and distribute their content. As M & E organizations try to find the right infrastructure to manage content throughout its life cycle, they are faced not only with the question of what strategy will provide the greatest return on investment (ROI) and drive positive business outcomes, but which company they can trust with this business-critical decision.

The Spectra Difference

Spectra has recognized and evolved alongside these industry shifts over the past decade. Its technology portfolio has grown to include solutions that are in line with technology trends and the business needs of the media and entertainment space. Modern storage solutions have been a focal point for Spectra, and continue to show greater relevancy and adaption to these market changes. Spectra has shown its perseverance in this space with its continued success and growth.

Serving content owners worldwide, the organization’s rich forward-looking technology solutions are underpinned by its commitment to research and development (R & D), Spectra’s unique culture, along with the company’s financially robust status and being privately owned. This has allowed Spectra to continue to invest in R & D to create greater and more modern advances in its suite of solutions. Spectra invests 15% to 18% of its annual revenue into R & D, maintaining its tradition of bringing innovative storage solutions to the market. Spectra’s dedicated M & E business development team works closely with customers and ecosystem and channel partners alike to plan, develop and deliver the company’s offerings and bring forth new opportunities in its largest business segment.

Fiscal stability, sustained profitability and a strong balance sheet exemplify Spectra as a solid and trusted storage solution provider. As end users look to financially stable organizations, Spectra prides itself on maintaining a significant cash balance, along with its untapped credit line. This provides customers with the long-term security they require when investing in storage solutions – knowing they are forming a business partnership with a financially stable company that will remain resilient to economic shocks and shifts in the market. Under NDA, Spectra will provide financial details to any customer.

Spectra’s focus on the M & E market has proved fruitful, with most of its M & E business growth fueled by new solutions – Spectra’s BlackPearl® and ArcticBlue®. The company’s standing in other vertical markets, such as general IT and high performance computing, continues to be strong. Spectra foresees continued growth and greater relevancy of its modern solutions into the future.In the coming months, Spectra will be announcing additional solutions that will lend greater efficiency and cost savings to workflows, and even tighter integration to the next generation of cloud-based workflows at both the local and global level. These solutions will help any enterprise, worldwide, maintain their relevancy and keep their workflows modern.