Storage Technologies and the Future of Digital Data

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Spectra Logic published its third annual Digital Data Storage Outlook today. The report casts an eye on the future regarding the storage, management and preservation of the world’s treasury of digital information, helping data users navigate budget and infrastructure challenges for years to come.

As a leader in providing a full range of data storage solutions, including disk, tape and hybrid cloud storage, Spectra constantly surveys customer needs across the global landscape to design and deliver technology that helps organizations collect, manage, access and protect their valuable data. Spectra was an early innovator in robotics, automation, and interfaces. From bringing Winchester disks and SCSI tape to minicomputers, to manufacturing the world’s largest tape library and private cloud object storage, the company takes a technology and media-agnostic view of storage.

A look back at recent technology developments and the state of the storage market in 2017 revealed:

  • Supply constraints from flash manufacturers
  • Further consolidation in the tape storage space
  • Development of advanced magnetic recording for higher capacity disk drives
  • Market availability of new technologies such as 3D XPoint and optical disc archive products

With nearly 40 years in data storage, Spectra’s development partnerships and customer input provide a broad glimpse at future direction. In the report, the firm probes deeper into trends shaping the industry today to drive insights regarding the growth of the digital universe and subsequent storage dilemmas, the impact of complex workflows and cloud options on data storage best practices, and future developments and their effect on storage apportioning and tiering.

For more information, download the full “Digital Data Storage Outlook 2018” report here.