A Look at the Latest Developments in Tape Technology

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Betsy DoughtyBy Betsy Doughty, Spectra Vice President of Corporate Marketing

The Tape Storage Council , of which Spectra is a founding member, released their annual memo, “Tape Raises the Bar for Higher Capacity, Reliability, and Security” this week. It highlights what is new in the world of tape and what these advancements mean for the greater data storage market. The Tape Storage Council is a collaborative industry group dedicated to promoting current tape industry trends, usages and technology innovations.

LTO-8 Tape Developments
We recently discussed the significant changes to capacity and performance of  LTO tape drives and media from previous generations of the LTO technology in our Demystifying LTO-8 blog series. Our LTO-8 drive doubles the native capacity from its previous generation, improving throughput rates by 20 percent, and driving down acquisition costs below the half-cent per-gigabyte level. While the LTO-8 blog series provided comprehensive coverage of the new LTO drive and media, there are additional noteworthy developments going on in the tape industry that the annual memo highlights.

  • Detailed coverage on Tape Air Gap
  • IBM’s TS1155 enterprise tape drive
  • New LTO technology roadmap
  • INSIC 2015-2025 International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap
  • LTO capacity shipment report

The annual tape report shows that tape media manufacturers continue to invest in innovation by researching new methods of manufacturing tape storage media, pushing the boundaries of density growth and tape recording developments

The role tape technology serves in today’s modern data centers is quickly expanding into new markets as tape improves its capability to cost effectively tackle many data-intensive challenges. Continued R&D investment, steady innovation, and new architectural developments position tape to successfully address the storage and security requirements of Big Data, cloud storage, entertainment, surveillance, High Performance Computing (HPC), and hyperscale data centers. The technology continues to provide the industry’s lowest energy requirements and still presents the most dependable way to address cybercrime and ransomware – clearly delivering the most reliable, safe and efficient data storage solution available.

Great work by the Tape Storage Council on another solid report!