Maximum Flexibility in a Stackable Configuration

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For nearly 40 years, Spectra Logic has been on the forefront of innovation in tape storage. Today, Spectra continues the trend of offering products that address the need for affordable storage in industries with exponential data growth with the announcement of the Spectra® Stack Tape Library.

The Spectra Stack strikes the balance between flexibility, scalabilty, and affordability in a way that makes it perfect for organizations that don’t just view data storage as an obligation, but see it as a duty to preserving information that contributes to the success of their businesses and markets.

Offering both traditional and object storage, the ability to partition the library to support multiple software packages, and a full suite of features in Stack’s management software, are just a few of the ways this library addresses the changing needs of a dynamic storage environment. It has been part of Spectra’s DNA to offer the most versatile and easy-to-use products and support to our customers. The Spectra Stack takes this to a new level as part of our comprehensive solution set.

One of the key attributes of the Spectra Stack is its scalability. Spectra knows it is important to provide customers with data storage choices; for instance, the choice to buy what they need, and only what they need, with the ability to easily expand over time as requirements and budgets allow. With Spectra Stack, customers can start with 10 slots and grow incrementally to 560 slots in a single rack. This allows them to store almost 17PB of compressed data in a single system. Additionally, Spectra provides support for this library for the entire life of the LTO roadmap, now published up to LTO-12. This is truly a library that can grow with you as your data sets expand.

Tape is the most affordable storage medium on the planet and the Spectra Stack comes in as low as one cent a gigabyte. As data sets increase and the desire to keep that data longer, possibly forever, grows, affordable storage is more critical than ever. For data that isn’t accessed as frequently, or even at all, disk is just not viable due to its higher price tag. Tape IS the answer for long-term data storage, tier 1 offload, and archive solutions.

When you combine the most affordable storage solution with the scalability and flexibility of Spectra Stack, this is the new tape library that will meet demanding backup, archive, and perpetual storage needs.