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Krishna Subramanian
COO, Komprise

We all know the story – data growth is exploding, but IT budgets are staying flat. Customers realize that storing and managing all data on primary storage is not sustainable – especially since the amount of data managed is typically 300%+ of the amount created (for 1TB of data stored, it is 3TB to 6TB managed – 1TB source, 1TB mirror/disaster recovery and 1 to 3TB backup copies).

Since 80%+ of this data is cold/inactive, by moving the cold data and its management to a cost-efficient secondary storage such as Spectra’s BlackPearl® Converged Storage System, businesses can typically save 70%+ on storage costs.

But customers tell us that data often continues to sit and be managed exactly where users first put it – on expensive primary storage — because of some key roadblocks that create friction. The combined Komprise data management and Spectra solution eliminates these hurdles and creates a frictionless solution for massive data management:

  • Driving Blind with Data: The #1 issue we hear from many customers is that IT is often making critical storage decisions in the dark. IT does not create most of the data it is managing, and IT does not often have a good understanding of what data is still being actively used, what isn’t, or how fast data is expected to grow. In many cases, this problem is further compounded by data sitting on different vendor storage systems, with little or no visibility across these silos.

    With the Komprise and Spectra Solution, you get full visibility into how data is growing and being used across all your NAS storage. And, based on policies you set, Komprise projects the estimated savings of using Spectra targets to transparently archive and/or replicate data.

  • Users Don’t Want to Look for Data in Multiple Places: typically, when cold data is moved off primary storage, users need to go to the secondary location to find the data. This requires a behavior change for users and creates friction and resistance to moving data off primary storage.

    With the Komprise Spectra Solution, all the data moved to Spectra targets are still accessible as files on the source with no disruption for users and applications. Spectra BlackPearl provides object access to the moved data, Komprise mimics a transparent fully hierarchical file system on BlackPearl and maintains a dynamic link on the primary NAS so that users still see and access the moved files as if they were still on the original NAS. All NTFS privileges, file hierarchies and attributes are fully preserved.

  • Cannot Afford Performance Degradation of Hot Data: Efficient data management historically came with a huge price tag – data management solutions would front all the data/metadata and you would need to redirect all access to them, creating a new layer of disintermediation. But this means lower performance for your critical hot data which is not desirable.

The Komprise and Spectra solution sits outside the hot data and metadata paths so there are zero changes to how hot data is accessed. Komprise works via standard protocols such as NFS, SMB/CIFS and REST/S3 across your storage so there are no storage agents or modifications needed and throttles itself adaptively to adjust to workload on your storage and network so it runs like a good housekeeper in the background. Customers often see some performance
improvement since the primary storage is no longer clogged with cold data

By deploying Komprise with Spectra’s BlackPearl Converged Storage System in front of a Spectra tape, disk, or hybrid cloud solution, businesses get a frictionless path to reliable and cost-effective data management that cuts storage costs by more than 70%.

Read more about the joint Komprise and Spectra solution here and sign up for our upcoming webinar here.

About Krishna Subramanian

Krishna Subramanian is co-founder and COO of Komprise, the leader in intelligent data management. As COO, Krishna oversees the sales, marketing and business development efforts. Prior to Komprise, she held executive roles at both large companies and startups for over 25 years. Some of her prior roles include VP Marketing for Citrix, COO of Kaviza (acquired by Citrix), Sr Director of Mergers and Acquisitions at Sun Microsystems. Subramanian holds a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Twitter handle: @cloudKrishna