Innovation through Software, Part 2 of 2
 BlackPearl’s Multi-Interface Support

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As the centerpiece of a modern workflow, Spectra’s BlackPearl® Converged Storage System’s multi-interface support capabilities improve performance and scalability of storage solutions, while facilitating front-end access for users through software multi-tenancy features. By leveraging existing certified client partners like MediaFlux, or self-developed Customer Created Clients, BlackPearl can incorporate a multitude of storage interfaces into a single, user-friendly point of access.

BlackPearl combines object storage with a RESTful server interface to consolidate cache, tape, online, nearline, and public and private cloud storage. This hybrid ecosystem allows BlackPearl to merge different classes of media in the most efficient way possible, migrating data off different tiers per configurable policies based on frequency of use and value. For instance, Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is the only format that BlackPearl uses to write to tape because it is an open-standard way to exchange data across different operating systems and software. While this flexibility provides a cost-effective alternative for tiered content storage and deep archive, LTFS technology mimics a file-based storage, presenting the same performance limitations of traditional file systems. By using a RESTful interface, BlackPearl solves common file-based issues like time-outs and errors/failure when sharing data between servers. Furthermore, the cache management of BlackPearl is optimized for tape. Storage policies enable BlackPearl to stage the initial storage of the objects in its cache, and plan how it will store the data on tape, allowing for higher throughput in the system and maximizing efficient use of space in the repository.

Spectra also supports configuring NAS volumes (CIFS/NFS) directly on a BlackPearl Converged Storage System. Although NAS pools are set up separately, BlackPearl utilizes a built-in Network File Interface (NFI) policy to internally copy the data from the NAS pool to the BlackPearl cache pool – avoiding the network hop and making it easy to handle high loads. Most existing clients, including Spectra’s free open-source Eon Browser, will make the NAS volumes and the BlackPearl managed object storage pools available to users side-by-side. Tight integrations like MediaFlux, or self-developed Customer Created Clients, can present data silos under a single, universal client interface, independent of its location.

The BlackPearl Converged Storage System is a modern workflow solution that maximizes performance, scalability and access. By combining object storage with a RESTful interface, BlackPearl is able to successfully consolidate different classes of media, enabling users to tier their storage for optimal efficiency and value.