Spectra Logic Announces that StrongLink is Now Certified with Spectra BlackPearl

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Joint solution enables customers to offload data from expensive primary storage to economical Spectra long-term storage

BOULDER, Colo. – Jan. 30, 2018 – Spectra Logic today announced that the StrongLink® software platform from StrongBox Data Solutions is now certified with the Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System through the BlackPearl Certification Program. The joint solution delivers a policy-based global namespace to automate archiving, migration and global workflows that simplifies management of data across any storage platform, including Spectra’s tape storage.

Unlike other systems, StrongLink leverages the power of metadata to provide true cross-platform automation across any file system or storage solution. This lets customers simplify their storage environment with single-pane-of-glass storage management, and break out of storage silos while dramatically increasing return on investment of existing storage resources. StrongLink combined with BlackPearl enables a policy-based fabric that simplifies complex workflows and automates data protection and seamless migration across cloud, disk, and tape storage in a way not previously possible.

“When integrated with Spectra’s BlackPearl, StrongLink allows customers to introduce multiple storage solutions without creating new silos, and gives them global control of data and all of their storage resources,” said Brian Grainger, CSO, Spectra Logic. “The joint solution simplifies data lifecycle management, and enables customers to easily move data off primary storage to economical tape or disk-based storage, without disrupting their existing workflow.”

When using BlackPearl with BlackPearl with StrongLink software, data protection policies are completely configurable according to data type and/or metadata triggers. Customers can automate tasks such as two data copy minimums or replication to tape, cloud or offsite locations. The combined solution offers data copy management for disaster recovery and remote collaboration. Tape storage appears as another storage resource within the global namespace via SMB/NFS/S3 file protocols, in addition to API and StrongLink user interfaces. Users can even create custom metadata dynamically to further organize their data, with no database expertise required.

“The direct integration of BlackPearl into StrongLink’s metadata-powered policy framework reduces the complexity of managing cloud and on-premise storage, and supports the lowest cost storage options for our customers,” said Floyd Christofferson, SVP Products, StrongBox Data Solutions. “We chose to partner with Spectra Logic because its BlackPearl Converged Storage System is an ideal platform to simplify the addition of object storage and tape into any storage environment. The combined solution gives customers maximum flexibility in their infrastructure choices with the least impact to users, applications and IT staff.”

Click here to read the Spectra Logic/StrongBox Data Solutions joint solution brief. Click here to view a video featuring StrongBox and Spectra.

Register for the BlackPearl and StrongLink Solution webinar here to learn more about the joint solution.

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