Get to Know Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Client Partners: EmpressMAM

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Through key technology partnerships, Spectra Logic is able to deliver industry-leading BlackPearl-based storage solutions to the world’s largest data creators. This week’s blog will spotlight BlackPearl partner Empress and its powerful media asset management platform, eMAM. Together, Spectra Logic and Empress deliver a fully-integrated solution that enables customers to quickly and effortlessly manage larger volumes of media content in a seamless workflow, like never before.

Company Name: Empress Media Asset Management, LLC
Interviewee’s Name: David Miller
Title: Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Years at the Company: 10
Name of the BlackPearl Client: Cisneros
Ideal markets/vertical industries for the solution: Media & Entertainment, Federal

Tell us the three biggest challenges end users face today, that led you to develop this solution.

  1. Integrated solution
  2. Cost of archive
  3. Scalability

What three benefits will end users realize from implementing the solution?

  • Two-Vendor Solution: Empress eMAM and Spectra Logic BlackPearl provide users with a fully-integrated, end-to-end workflow – free of costly middleware.
  • Ease of Use: The solution is simple, easy to use and allows customers to quickly and effortlessly manage, archive, find and restore large volumes of valuable media content.
  • Futureproofing: The solution is flexible and configurable to meet current and future needs. Users are able to scale seamlessly from five users, to tens of thousands, at a flat to decreasing cost.

Describe the successes you have you seen in the development process.

  • Coordinated effort between companies
  • Standard S3 configuration

What is your advice for end users today?

  • Understand the current and future total cost of ownership (TCO) of a system
  • Be prepared to scale as volume and resolution of video content increases
  • Look for vendors who are business partners, who will work with your organization to meet your long-term needs

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David Miller, COO, Empress Media Asset Management
David Miller is the COO and one of the founders of Empress Media Asset Management, authors of the eMAM system, as well as Empress Digital and Real Big Hits, serving the changing needs of broadcast and media organizations for 19 years.