Spectra Logic Announces Spectra Certified LTO-7 Type M Media and LTO-8 Drives Now Available for Order

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BOULDER, Colo. – October 24, 2017 – Spectra Logic announced today that Spectra Certified LTO-7 Type M media along with LTO-8 drives and all supported media are now available for order. An industry first offering, LTO-7 Type M media provides a 50 percent increase in capacity from 6TB to 9TB using new LTO-7 media. Customers who normally wait for the latest generation of LTO tape to be cost effective before upgrading can now immediately realize cost savings by simply adding LTO-8 drives and Spectra Certified LTO-7 Type M media to a Spectra library.

Once an LTO-7 cartridge has been converted to tape library family – from the Spectra® T50e Tape Library for small businesses to the Spectra® TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library for large enterprises – is fully tested and compatible with LTO-8 drives and media.

“Capitalizing on this unprecedented industry offering, Spectra further demonstrates our dedication to customers who rely on tape technology as the most affordable, reliable and simple way to digitally preserve data forever,” said Nathan Thompson, CEO of Spectra Logic. “The ability to increase capacity of LTO-7 media by 50 percent with a simple drive upgrade reduces new media acquisition costs and will likely drive LTO-8 adoption faster than any previous generation of LTO technology.”

*assumes 2.5:1 compression ratio

Additional Resources

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