Spectra Logic Rolls Out Full Library Support for LTO-8 Drives

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In its continuing effort to provide customers with the best technology on the market, Spectra Logic is now offering support for LTO-8 tape drives in all Spectra tape libraries, and the continuation of its LTO pre-purchase program. This program enables customers to receive the latest LTO tape drive technology, as soon as it hits the market. Spectra Logic provides pre-purchase customers with LTO-7 tape drives now, and upgrades their tape libraries with LTO-8 drives when they become available,with no additional purchase required.

LTO-8 is the latest generation of tape drive technology from the LTO consortium. Linear Tape-Open Technology (LTO) is a tape-based data storage solution designed in an “open” format technology that allows manufacturing by any vendor that wishes to license the technology. The “open” nature of LTO technology enables compatibility between different vendors’ offerings and multiple sources of product and media.

This latest generation of LTO doubles the native (non-compressed) capacity of a single data cartridge from 6TB (LTO-7) to 12TB, and compressed capacity up to 30TB. The native throughput rate has also increased 20% from 300 MB/s to 360 MB/s.

The LTO-8 pre-purchase program is an excellent way for Spectra Logic customers to start their migration from earlier versions of LTO to the latest high capacity, high throughput technology. LTO-8 is expected to ship in late 2017.

For more information, visit: https://spectralogic.com/features/lto-8