Addressing Media & Entertainment Storage Challenges: Spectra ArcticBlue Disk Solution

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As media organizations find themselves acquiring, creating, and distributing greater amounts of content, they also find themselves faced with mounting pressure on their traditional or existing storage platforms. Budgets are hit when production storage becomes burdened by more and more content.

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A progressive and cost-effective storage solution keeps up with demands and helps offload primary storage where possible. When considering a modern solution, one must keep in mind how quickly and frequently they need to access their assets. Cloud options do exist but are limited in their speed of delivery and do not provide cost-effective means for storing frequently accessed media. Spinning disk has become more affordable, but it is still expensive to retain content that is not accessed on a regular basis, and worse for assets associated with a finished project residing on primary storage.

Media and entertainment organizations faced with the issues mentioned above can benefit from Spectra’s ArcticBlue Disk Solution. As a mid-tier storage platform, ArcticBlue bridges the gap between production storage and archival storage, providing balance between cost of storage and expected performance for quick concurrent access to media.


Benefits of Spectra’s ArcticBlue include:

  • Spin-Down Disk Technology: Minimizes degradation of disk by powering down independent bands, extending life of subsystem up to 7 years.
  • Leverages BlackPearl Architecture: Create your own private cloud infrastructure, to avoid high costs and lag time associated with retrieving content from the public cloud.
  • Performance: Use of large stripes of disk or Very Wide Bands (VWB) allows data to be spread over a large number of drives, delivering greater performance.
  • Expansion: As storage requirements increase, users can add additional bands (hot) and/or expansion chassis to increase capacity.
  • Cost-Effective: Spin-down drives allow for extended life span of technology, translating to cost savings by eliminating costs associated with procuring, deploying and migrating resident content to a new disk system every 3-4 years, all the while lowering the expansion burden placed on primary storage.
  • Data Integrity: Advanced file system checksums and triple parity protection preserve data integrity. In addition, Object Storage checksums provide file-level or part-of-file level checksum.

Learn more about ArcticBlue here, and check out our new white paper – ArcticBlue: Bridging the Gap Between Production Storage and Deep Archive for additional information.

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