Customer Use Cases for Spectra Logic NAS: Part Two

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Recent technological updates to the Spectra® Verde® NAS Solution, as well as our NAS capabilities overall, are enabling Spectra to more efficiently address unique customer challenges. In my first blog, Customer Use Cases for Spectra Logic NAS: Part One, I discussed a use case where Verde’s new SSD pool feature is allowing a Video on Demand (VoD) provider to increase its service offering. In part two, I’d like to discuss two additional use cases for Spectra’s newly upgraded NAS.

Use Case 2: Video Surveillance End User Implements Verde NAS Solution to Meet Increased Retention Requirements

In the video surveillance market, the Video Management System (VMS) recording server typically records video 24×7 to some type of primary storage — either Direct Attached Storage (DAS) or an expensive Storage Area Network (SAN). Almost all VMS products are capable of moving data off of live/primary storage (i.e., DAS), and archiving it to secondary storage, such as NAS.

In this use case, we position Verde NAS to be thet archive location for the VMS. This specific end user had a 14-day retention period, which was previously being stored on DAS. However, they recently received a directive to increase their retention to 120 days, to provide more litigation support in court. They opted to buy a simple, affordable, shared NAS storage system – Spectra Verde. The VMS will keep the video on DAS for 14 days, copy the recorded video to Verde NAS daily, and then manage the data on Verde NAS for 120 days.

Most companies’ legal divisions would prefer to keep video for years to protect against all litigations. Spectra offers a simple “Copy-and-Keep” policy to copy all data stored on Verde NAS to an object store bucket on a Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System. Within the video surveillance use case, the VMS will manage and delete the data on Verde NAS (i.e., 30 days), but keep a copy on BlackPearl. BlackPearl is designed to keep data forever, but the data stored on it can be deleted at any time.

Use Case 3: NAS Storage on BlackPearl for Video Surveillance and General IT Data Preservation

In this use case, both NAS and object storage are accessed through a single BlackPearl system – either a 2U or 4U BlackPearl server. The workflow and data movement are the same; data goes to a NAS pool, then a simple policy copies the data to object store and either keeps it or deletes it from NAS.

Adding to the previous use case, in some video surveillance environments, Spectra is actually proposing the NAS and BlackPearl object store as a single system. This is also applicable for general IT environments. Most organizations have some type of shared storage for their employees, which is a NAS share. With NAS storage on BlackPearl, Spectra can provide a single server that has NAS storage with DR protection, using a tape library. The NAS storage provides snapshots to protect against accidental deletion or file corruption by keeping older versions via snapshots of data – thus tracking any changes. BlackPearl will then use the policy “Copyand Keep” to maintain the latest copy of NAS data in object storage (i.e., two copies on tape).

For more information and how Spectra can help address your organization’s unique storage requirements with Spectra Verde NAS, contact us at

Written by Steven Easter, Spectra Product Manager for BlackPearl and Verde

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