Customer Use Cases for Spectra Logic NAS: Part One

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Spectra recently made some technological upgrades to its Spectra® Verde® NAS Solution, as well as its NAS capabilities overall. These new updates required only simple changes to our hardware and software offering, but are already having a profound effect on how Spectra is able to address unique customer challenges. In this blog, I’d like to discuss a few use cases for Spectra’s newly upgraded NAS, and how it can be used to solve several common customer dilemmas being faced by real users out in the field today.

Use Case 1: Video on Demand (VoD) Provider Seeks to Expand Content Library and End User Reach

This customer possesses a playout service where they offer clients access to both live and previously recorded lectures. They are looking to increase their service offering by adding more Video On Demand (VoD) content and more end users.

Spectra is proposing the organization store its VoD content on a Solid State Drive (SSD) pool in the Spectra Verde NAS Solution. SSD capability is one of the recent, simple additions to Verde NAS. The SSD pool has fast random read performance, and is expected to handle 20,000 concurrent 1Mbps streams. To meet this end user’s specific capacity requirements, Spectra is proposing two identical Verde systems. Their play-out service will aggregate the content from both Verde sources.

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Spectra is also suggesting the customer implement a disaster recovery (DR) strategy, to preserve their valuable data. In addition to the two Verde systems, Spectra is proposing they purchase a Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System and a small tape library, for robust data protection. Spectra’s NAS solutions have a very handy feature that allows them to send a copy of data into a bucket on BlackPearl. Once connected to BlackPearl, using its own data policy engine, the system writes out as many copies of the data as needed (most customers elect for two copies on tape). If they choose to eject one copy for offsite storage, the data is even more protected.

Next week…

Stay tuned for part two of the of the “Customer Use Cases for Spectra Logic NAS” blog series. Next week, I’ll cover two additional use cases for Spectra’s NAS solution, including video surveillance and NAS storage on BlackPearl.

For more information and how Spectra can help address your organization’s unique storage requirements with Spectra Verde NAS, contact us at

Written by Steven Easter, Spectra Product Manager for BlackPearl and Verde

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