Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions Deploys Fully-Integrated Content Workflow from Spectra Logic and Avid

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Spectra BlackPearl with Avid Interplay Allows IMSP to Easily Manage Both Avid and Creative Assets

BOULDER, Colo. – April 18, 2017 – Spectra Logic today announced that Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions (IMSP)’s Content Division and Mobile Production Group, has deployed a Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System and Spectra® T200 Tape Library to manage digital assets within its Avid® Interplay® | Production environment. Spectra’s BlackPearl integrates seamlessly with the Avid | Interplay Production workflow, allowing IMSP to quickly manage, archive and restore both Avid and other (creative) assets, while Spectra’s T200 provides the organization with simple, scalable, cost- effective storage to preserve their content indefinitely.

IMSP is a multimedia production company, located directly across the street from the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana. The organization’s Content Division and Mobile Product Group produces numerous digital assets, including video and audio, as well as multimedia solutions, accumulating over 40TB of footage each year, primarily during its active racing season. IMSP was in search of a modern, open-standard-based storage solution, compatible with its existing Avid environment, to replace its legacy archive system. The organization produces both Avid and non-Avid (creative) assets, making it essential that they find a solution compatible with both media formats.

BlackPearl and Avid Interplay | Production provide IMSP with an end-to-end workflow solution – from ingest to storage. IMSP can easily transfer Avid assets directly from its Avid environment to a mix of disk and tape, which uses open-standard LTFS. Non-Avid assets are stored to the T200 tape library, within a separate partition, via the BlackPearl® Eon Browser. This new, modern architectural design allows IMSP to easily store its assets in a highly affordable and scalable model that eliminates the complexities of their previous workflow.

“It was vital to our organization that we find a solution capable of managing and protecting both Avid and creative assets,” said R Dave Daniels, editor/supervisor of Non-Linear, IMS Productions. “Spectra’s BlackPearl meets all of our requirements and allows us to quickly and effortlessly manage media content without disrupting our editors’ workflow.”

“Avid has partnered with Spectra Logic for many years to deliver archive solutions to its customers. With BlackPearl, Spectra Logic is modernizing archival solutions with simplicity, open standards and seamless workflows,” said Alan Hoff, vice president, Market Solutions, Avid. “BlackPearl’s tight integration with Avid Interplay offers a full featured, future-proof solution that not only lowers archiving costs by eliminating traditional licensing for enterprises like IMSP, but also gives our smaller customers the ability to protect their assets affordably, without compromising features.”

“After reviewing IMSP’s specific requirements, software provider Avid recommended a joint solution with Spectra Logic to address the company’s digital archiving needs,” said Brian Grainger, CSO, Spectra Logic. “Spectra’s BlackPearl and T200 integrate seamlessly into IMSP’s environment, providing them with a simple, low-cost, streamlined workflow to manage their rapidly growing assets.”

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