The Present and Future of Video Surveillance Data Storage

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Over the past decade, the volume of surveillance video being recorded, indexed, and stored has increased significantly. There are multiple operational demands driving this increase, as well as the widespread demand for video surveillance.

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Primary drivers include:

  • Growth in security programs since 9/11
  • Recognition that video surveillance replaces the need to send people into remote or dangerous locations
  • New technology innovations, such as 4K video, IR/thermal systems, and reliable wireless connectivity

This last point indicates that the demand for video is unlikely to slow any time soon. Drones and bodycams are just beginning to have an impact on physical security operations. Traffic management, license plate identification, and facial recognition represent entirely new security applications that require constant flows of high-quality video to be effective. More than 60 million cameras are now installed worldwide, and nearly half of those cameras are already high-definition (HD) compatible. HD cameras are quickly becoming the norm, with 4K systems soon to become mainstream.

These pressures and innovations create two unavoidable challenges for video surveillance professionals. First, security and surveillance mandates are constantly increasing – longer retention terms, as well as higher frame rates and resolutions. Due to these changes, more video data is being collected and stored than ever before, and the amount of data will continue to increase over time – without budget increases to meet those needs. Second, this footage must be quickly and automatically stored, indexed, and recalled for a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Real-time or near-real-time security review
  • Federal and state compliance requirements
  • Evidence, either for prosecution or for liability defense
  • Forensic investigation
  • Training/performance review

Fast, simple, and affordable storage is essential for today’s video surveillance demands. Spectra Logic’s uncompromising products retain and protect IP video surveillance throughout its life cycle in an affordable and easy-to-use manner.

Interested in learning more? Read our newest video surveillance white paper, “NAS/DAS/SAN – What’s the Best Archive for IP Video Surveillance?”, to discover the drivers behind the growth of video surveillance data, as well as the primary criteria organizations should use when selecting a video storage solution.

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