Step Up to Big Data Archive Challenges with New HPE Enterprise Tape Solutions

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  • Sarah Clew, WW Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA), HPE Storage
  • Brian Grainger, CSO, Spectra Logic

Just for large enterprises that require scalability, low costs, simplified management and reliable long-term retention to manage ExaScale capacities: HPE announced at Discover London 2016 our partnership with Spectra Logic to deliver two new tape archive solutions – HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale. Read on to find out how these new library offerings can help your business step up to the archive challenges posed by big data growth.


Without question, Big Data is a prevalent term in the IT world. However, it’s a term that has several different meanings associated with it. According to Gartner, Big Data is frequently referred to as vast volumes and varieties of data types that require cost-effective means of processing to produce insights that can inform decision making and business procedures. Data volumes of this kind are often collections of new types of data that have emerged with the advent of social media platforms, high definition and special FX technologies, as well as 3D and 4D capabilities in media, healthcare and engineering. Not to mention an increase in the usage of rich media such as product videos, galleries, podcasts and infographics that are now an essential part of any business’s communications toolkit.

Add to this the complexity of regulatory compliance and laws associated with long-term data retention –and you can see how this new digital enterprise is becoming a costly strain on primary storage resources in organizations across the globe.


A fresh look at archiving

So let’s look at this in a different way – giving archiving the attention it deserves with a fresh perspective on managing big data growth. If we think about the long-term preservation needs that many companies face, the archive tier emerges as that friend you wish you never lost contact with. Many organizations today have backup strategies in place, but often overlook how beneficial archive can be. In actual fact, it makes sense to befriend an archive tier to strategically move infrequently accessed data from your primary storage array to less expensive offsite tape storage that can be kept safe from virus threats and natural disasters for up to 30 years. Following an archive strategy of this kind enables you to free up space on your primary array to store even more petabytes of data at a much lower cost.


Time for details on the two new tape archive solutions

Through our partnership with Spectra Logic, we are delivering two new tape archive solutions that are optimized for large enterprises that require scalability, low costs, simplified management and reliable long-term retention to manage ExaScale capacities.

The new HPE TFinity® ExaScale tape library combines space-saving design, high-density architecture and seamless scalability to surpass the expectations of the most demanding environments. Once data expands beyond the limits of the initial configuration, you have the ability to add up to 53,460 LTO slots to store over 801 PB of compressed enterprise data(1). This makes it the highest capacity tape library in the world that delivers a 50% reduction in data center floor space when compared to competing offerings.

Couple this with its unique flexibility to support LTO tape technology, IBM® TS11x0 tape technology and Oracle® T10000x drives and media in the same library(2), allowing you to select the tape technology that is ideal for all your business needs. The HPE T950 tape library also leads the field in innovation, from the greatest storage density and capacity that scales up to 150PB compressed1, to its proactive BlueScale® media management, this library makes easy work of protecting your data.

Other unique features of these exceptional tape libraries incle the HPE Certified TeraPack® Media and its CarbideClean® feature. HPE Certified TeraPack® Media assures data integrity using an integrated, intelligent and comprehensive set of Data Integrity Verification (DIV) tools to proactively identify and eliminate common media-related failures. CarbideClean® extends the life of tape media and drives by using a precision carbide blade to pre-clean media prior to shipment to customers for initial use. This ensures media is debris-free and systems are running at peak performance.

Data protection at work

The new libraries are already protecting some of the world’s most prestigious organizations in multiple industries worldwide, including high performance compute, federal government, media and entertainment and advanced research to meet their backup, archive and deep storage requirements. The HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale tape libraries most certainly meet the needs of today’s explosion in data growth.

Chris Powers, Vice President, HPE Storage, puts it this way, saying, “Here at HPE we see a universal struggle to cope with data growth across all of our customers, in all industries. The partnership with Spectra Logic not only addresses this with their industry-best density and the most scalable tape libraries in the world, but provides low-cost, deep storage archives, ideal for the management and long-term retention of big data. We are delighted to be working together to provide our customers with the most innovative tape libraries on the market.”

Both libraries are now available for purchase directly from HPE and for more information please use the links provided below.

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(1) Using 2.5:1 LTO-7 compression ratio
(2) Oracle T10000x support is enabled via a field migration service (delivered by Spectra Logic). Please contact your HPE sales representative for more information.