Dancing with Boulder Stars 2016

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Last week, Spectra Logic’s Senior Director of Marketing, Betsy Doughty, participated in the YWCA of Boulder County’s seventh annual Dancing with Boulder Stars fundraiser. The event, which is modeled after the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” took place on Tuesday night at Colorado’s historic Boulder Theater, located off Pearl Street. Local “celebrities” paired up with professional dance instructors and performed a variety of dance numbers including hip hop, swing and salsa. Audience members were encouraged to vote for their favorite dancer with donations, and the dancer with the most money was chosen as the winner of the competition. In the end, the event ended up raising more than $40,000, with all proceeds being donated to the YWCA.



YWCA Boulder County is a family resource center with a mission to protect children, empower women and girls, and eliminate racism. For over 90 years, the YWCA has offered a continuum of services to the Boulder Community and continues to do so through programs such as low-cost career counseling, drop-in childcare for low-income parents, free financial counseling, youth empowerment programs, and much more. For the past seven years, YWCA has been hosting its Dancing with Boulder Stars fundraiser in an effort to raise money to support the organization’s vital efforts.

Betsy Doughty actively supports education, career development, mentoring and women’s causes. She is a member and sits on the Board of Directors of the CU Women’s Council, is a mentor at the Leeds School of Business, started Summit, Spectra’s women’s leadership group, and recently joined the Sharpheels.com team as a guest contributor on career, fashion, and lifestyle topics for women.

“Participating in this year’s Dancing with Boulder Stars was such a rewarding and exciting experience!” said Betsy Doughty, Spectra’s Senior Director of Marketing. “I’m thankful to have not only been able to contribute towards the efforts of the YWCA Boulder County, but also make new connections in the Boulder community and learn something new.”

To learn more about Betsy’s involvement in the YWCA’s Dancing with Boulder Stars, take a look at our recap video of the event below:

Dancing with the Boulder Stars – Betsy from Spectra Logic on Vimeo.

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