How Slovnaft Oil Refinery Is Utilizing Spectra Logic Deep Storage Tape to Preserve its Data Forever

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Employees in the oil and gas industry require digital metrics to understand what resources are hiding beneath the Earth’s surface and, more importantly, how to extract them. Energy companies manage massive amounts of these metrics (or data) that must be preserved and accessed quickly to make technical decisions both daily and for many years into the future.


Slovnaft, an oil refinery based in Bratislava, operates the largest network of filling stations in Slovakia. It is one of the top three oil refineries in Europe, processing between five and six million tons of crude oil each year. Slovnaft stores reservoir metrics, machinery and personnel performance statistics, oil flow rates, and pressure metric data that must all be accessible to multiple users within the company at a moment’s notice.

When the Slovnaft became partners with MOL Group, the initial goal was for them to upgrade their tape drive infrastructure and expand their overall data capacity. The oil conglomerate was forced to replace their two Sun StorEdge™, L700 tape libraries because they struggled to meet the performance and expansion requirements desired by the organization.

The oil giant is currently utilizing a Spectra Logic single-frame T950 with LTO-6 drives and media to address it data storage needs, allowing them to preserve more than 100 TB of data. Slovnaft sought a cost-effective solution, capable of consolidating their footprint, and was able to find that with the Spectra Logic T950 enterprise tape library.

Thanks to Spectra Logic, Slovnaft is now able to preserve their energy data forever. To read more about Slovnaft and Spectra Logic’s joint success story, check out our customer case study.