Hybrid Cloud: The Best of Both Worlds

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In recent years, as cloud-based storage started to become more mainstream, it was anticipated that enterprise storage and other IT needs would be moving from onsite data centers to public cloud-based solutions. This has happened, but not quite in the way many predicted. Organizations have instead opted for a hybrid cloud approach — a combination of cloud-based storage and onsite data centers that allows businesses to carefully manage what data, or copies of data, stays onsite and what gets migrated to offsite locations and public cloud. Most enterprise organizations’ “cloud” storage infrastructures are actually hybrid clouds.

Make Private Cloud Your Largest Cloud
The most successful hybrid solutions grow organically from a private cloud into a hybrid cloud as requirements for distribution, computing, and disaster recovery capabilities surface. Spectra’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway delivers a private cloud infrastructure to any organization’s data center. Starting with BlackPearl, organizations find it much easier and more manageable to adopt a private cloud, and then determine what storage, applications, etc., to migrate to the public cloud to create an affordable hybrid cloud storage ecosystem.

New Hybrid Ecosystem

Understand What Data Goes Where
The popularity of hybrid cloud storage is driven largely by security, privacy, and compliance concerns. However, there are additional considerations that can improve the functionality of an organization’s hybrid cloud solution. Which users need to access what data? What protection levels are demanded? How long do you need to keep your data? How many copies are you required to create? By integrating both private and public clouds into one unified storage system, organizations are free to use the public cloud in the most affordable and efficient ways. With BlackPearl’s ability to easily integrate public cloud storage into your storage ecosystem, data can flow effortlessly into the public cloud of your choice.

Private Public

BlackPearl’s Integration with Amazon and Cyberduck
Cloud service providers live and die by the level and quality of security they are able to offer their customers. Naturally, you will have questions about their processes, policies, and procedures, but a reputable cloud service will be able to store, distribute, transcode, and compute operations on your data.

This week, Spectra announced its BlackPearl integration with Cyberduck, a universal file and object storage management tool that enables fast file transfers between primary storage, local tape and disk-based private clouds, or to any public cloud provider. This integration gives organizations the power of direct drag-and-drop data to the storage destination of their choice.

In another revolutionary advancement with BlackPearl, users can integrate Amazon’s public cloud services. BlackPearl provides a single interface that lets users easily send and retrieve large amounts of data from any platform—tape, disk, other BlackPearls, and now, Amazon’s web services, allowing organizations the ability to create a customized hybrid storage ecosystem that delivers the best of both public and private cloud storage.

Lastly, Spectra Logic was named a finalist in the 2016 Stratus Awards, a program that recognizes innovations in cloud technology, for its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway. Click here to learn more about this exciting achievement.

To learn more about Spectra’s hybrid storage ecosystem and deep storage solutions, visit https://spectralogic.com/products/.