#DeepStorage: Why University of Notre Dame Chose Spectra Logic to Preserve Its Digital Assets Forever

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By: Ray Caruso

The University of Notre Dame, located in South Bend, Indiana, is one of our nation’s most prestigious and widely recognized academic institutions. Founded in 1842, Notre Dame has been leading the nation in research and scholarship for nearly 175 years. The university is rated among the top 25 universities in the nation and is also well-known for its esteemed athletic teams – the Fighting Irish.
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Notre Dame is responsible for creating and storing a lot of data. The school’s University Archives require a large scale space for preserving digital research data indefinitely, as well as student academic records for 80+ years. They also back up a significant amount of data from several different areas within the school including the Center for Research Computing, the IT department, Fighting Irish Media (FIM), and the University Libraries.

The university sought a solution to replace their existing Sony PetaSite and Oracle/StorageTek L700 storage systems. They wanted a system that would not only allow them to backup and archive critical data, but also store data from multiple, separate departments in a single integrated solution. They selected a Spectra T950 tape library with fourteen LTO-6 tape drives, 1,150 licensed slots, and a media expansion cabinet for tape storage, as well as a Spectra 2U Verde disk appliance for online disk based storage.

The Spectra T950’s unique design and BlueScale interface enabled the University to easily partition the library into multiple, separate, virtual tape libraries, one for each department. One partition replaced a 3-cabinet Sony PetaSite, which the Center for Research Computing had been using to back up research data, while FIM is currently using a partition with three drives to archive media files. The University Archives and University Libraries are also utilizing the T950 to store research files for extended periods of time.

Notre Dame is now able to easily and affordably preserve their digital assets forever, thanks to Spectra Logic. Interested in learning more about Spectra and Notre Dame’s success story? Check out our new customer case study: http://bit.ly/1TLApb