Introducing the World’s Highest Capacity Storage System – TFinity ExaScale Edition

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By: Eric Polet

At Spectra Logic, we are focused on delivering cost-effective data storage and protection solutions for the modern data center, enabling customers to affordably store and protect all data. Once again we are pushing the boundaries of tape library speed and capacity with the introduction of TFinity® ExaScale Edition, the world’s largest capacity data storage system. This revolutionary product will provide organizations facing exponential data growth with the ability to reliably and economically store their data for as long as required.


In addition to its superior density and capacity, TFinity ExaScale Edition is designed to be the fastest tape library in existence. With the advent of RationalRobotics™, TFinity ExaScale Edition combines exciting new hardware and software features to attain the highest performance achievable in automated tape technology.

Key benefits include:

  • Density: Designed to be the industry leader in density, Spectra’s TFinity ExaScale Edition delivers the densest footprint and the best gigabytes-per-square-foot of any storage system.
  • Superior Performance: The newly designed robotics of the TFinity ExaScale Edition significantly reduce tape cartridge mount time and increase mean time between failures.
  • Flexible Capacity: Starting with as few as three frames and expanding to as many as 44 frames (equivalent to more than 1 Exabyte of storage capacity), a fully populated TFinity ExaScale Edition is the largest single data storage system in the world. For organizations with massive data sets, TFinity ExaScale Edition can be configured into a library complex that consists of eight 44-frame libraries, equaling more than 8 Exabytes of data storage.
  • Tri-media Functionality: Spectra began with dual-tape technology combining LTO with IBM® TS11X0 Tape Technology in the same library. Now TFinity ExaScale Edition introduces the ability to include Oracle® T10000X technologies. This unique tri-media flexibility allows organizations to preserve their investment by migrating or integrating existing T10000X media & drives.
  • Customer-Centric Feature Set: Enhanced management controls, designed with our customers in mind, deliver greater productivity. New MediaIQTM and SlotIQTM software features efficiently handle multiple move requests and determine the most efficient way of executing all required robotic movement.
  • Maximum Reliability: TFinity ExaScale Edition includes a redundant dual robotic infrastructure that not only provides for a failover solution, but also offers twice the working ability. All of the pieces and parts have been carefully crafted and integrated for maximum reliability.
  • Customization: This new library makes a statement in the data center – and, with the new option to customize front panels, your organization can make a statement too.

Customers are taking notice. Take a look at what NASA has to say about TFinity ExaScale Edition and why they are so excited about Spectra’s announcement. Also, be sure to stop by our booth (SL11816) at the National Association of Broadcaster’s show (NAB) to see the new TFinity ExaScale Edition in action.

We also invite you to check out the TFinity ExaScale Edition product pages to learn more about the world’s highest capacity storage system that delivers industry-leading capacity, density, performance and reliable storage.